13 famous artists release anonymous artwork as an NFT experiment starting at 0.33 ETH


A new NFT project named “The Pyramid” is launching an NFT series aimed at answering questions. “What if a potential buyer has the opportunity to buy art for art, loses the artist’s market value, and hype the name?”

The pyramid contains the artwork of artists exhibited in infamous galleries such as the Louvre and Guggenheim Museums. This work will be released via OpenSea on April 28th.

Anonymous NFT art

The artist decided to use NFT as the next method.

“Challenging their pursuit of lasting awareness, removing name, gender, status and other social assets altogether, each with an anonymous 58 points with a certificate of ownership and credibility of the NFT. Create a collection of digital art for. “

According to their website, the project is run by NFTMASTERS, which claims to be “a group of experts in the world of arts, culture, finance, technology, law, and project management” according to their website. However, their Twitter account currently has only two followers, so make sure that art created by a well-known artist retains its value even after removing all hype, notoriety, context, and fame. Is interesting.

Who is the artist?

Interestingly, one of the few artists that NFTMASTERS’ Twitter account follows is Beeple, which sold for an astonishing $ 69 million last year. Untrained eyes may speculate that some of the artwork listed on the Pyramid’s website may reflect Beeple’s style, given the premise of the experiment. There is no sure way to know. Moreover, given that the artist is supposed to be anonymous, this is likely a false flag operation.

All NFTs contain unlockable content that links to the original file used to create the artwork. Each artist took the theme from the “Pyramid of Metahuman Needs” such as instinct, fortress, mind, status, meaning, beauty and glory. Artwork mixes video, computer graphics, and digital artwork across each core theme.

The pyramid assigns a pseudonym to each artist.But look at them Twitter followers, At least one artist doesn’t seem to be married to the anonymity aspect of the project. Commercial artist Sergei Gorodensky, who has performed shows in Russia and worked with international brands, added his pseudonym to his Twitter name and posted some of the artwork on his Instagram page. However, the rest of the artists seem to be anonymous.

Social experiment

The level of notoriety of the artists involved in this project is unknown. Still, if you’ve exhibited at a prestigious museum claimed by NFTMASTERS, this will be a remarkable and exciting project.

According to their website, NFTMASTERS was involved in tokenizing the artwork at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. Therefore, it is feasible that they have a connection to bring in famous artists. For years, many have argued that the contemporary art market is built on smoke, fame and the mirror of celebrities, rather than the art itself holding its real value. Similar questions have been raised with the growing popularity of NFTs.

The Pyramid project aims to address both of these questions in one. Is an NFT created by the best artists in the world worth it if the name is removed and sold in digital format?



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