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Johnny Cash Show-Broadcast Date: February 18, 1970. (Photos by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archive / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images) Johnny Cash

The West Baton Rouge Museum is pleased to announce a new exhibition entitled “1968: Folsom Redemption”, which is on display until January 9, 2022. Of witnesses to the historic Johnny Cash concert at Folsom State Prison. This candid and personal photo exhibition covers an important milestone in the career of Johnny Cash, one of the most beloved performers of the 20th century.

In January 1968, Johnny Cash was at a crossroads. His music career had slowly declined for several years, but needed a big hit. He recently straightened his personal life, and the change in leadership on his record label was that he was finally able to convince them of the benefits of live recording in a prison setting. Meaned. Until 1957, when a series of requests were received from a prisoner who equated with the man who sang “Folsom Prison Blues,” cash was played for prisoners.

Photographer Dan Pouch and writer Gene Beley, who worked as freelance journalists, were Cash friends Floyd, who served prisoners the day before the concert began and helped prepare the show at Folsom State Prison. At the invitation of Rev. Gresset, I met Cash and his family. Prison with recreation director Lloyd Kelly. After practicing a set with Tennessee Three at Hotel El Rancho the night before, on January 13, 1968, Cash performed two separate shows at the Folsom dining hall with the opening acts Carl Perkins and The Statler Brothers. Famous for capturing the ability to connect with the cash audience, the recording crackled with the excitement of an enthusiastic crowd. The resulting album, At Folsom Prison, was released four months later and was well received by critics and praise.

Beley’s first-person description at the time and his knowledge of behind-the-scenes storylines make this a fascinating quest for the lesser-known aspects of famous events in popular culture.

The exhibition focuses on the golden age of cash, from the recording of the Folsom State Prison album in January 1968 to the March 1, 1969 concert in Anaheim, California, preparing to launch a network television show. I’m guessing. 1968: Folsom Redemption was organized and toured by Exhibits USA, a program of the Mid-America Arts Alliance. For more information on Exhibits USA, please email us [email protected] also Please visit www.eusa.org.


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