20 Elegant Black Bathroom Ideas

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Your bathroom is your safe haven. It is a relaxation space where you can think about the beginning and end of the day. If you’re considering a bathroom upgrade, you can add space-saving storage solutions, accessories such as statement rugs, include black graphic tiles, and paint the walls black to create a classic feel. It can be completely remodeled.

Black is one of the most timeless color choices. Hues are ideal for cozy spaces that are too large, but offer a more modern and sophisticated aesthetic than many other colors. The black bathroom can provide a spa-like sensation and a sense of calm that other parts of your home may not be able to provide. So if you’re looking for design inspiration, whether the space is big or small, round up 20. Black bathroom idea Dramatic, chic, and never obsolete.

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Blue touch

Designer Papas Milon, with white tiles and black decoration throughout, added a touch of color to the design of this bathroom. It’s a blue mirror.


Cabana stripe

Maureen Stevens Design adds a classic look to this bath with transparent sliding shower doors and black and white cabana stripes.


Black and white elegance

Designed by the eclectic Home New Orleans, the walls of this bathroom are adorned with black and white Kelly Wearstler wallpaper, creating an elegant aesthetic.


Style and sophistication

KitchenLab Interiors designed this chic bathroom with a black and white palette inspired by the global look.


Classic yet historic

With black sink-based cabinets, gold bathroom decorations and decorative artifacts, this space has a charming and outdated atmosphere.



Designed by KitchenLab Interiors, this beautiful bath contains eye-catching floral wallpaper. A black base complements the white flowers, and a black and white patterned floor is added to the bathroom design.


Add silver

While many may praise gold and black as a decorative combination, silver is another great addition to a moody shade. Designed by Hart and Heaven, the black walls of this bathroom are dramatic, with silver mirrors and lights for a clean and sophisticated design overall.


Polished marble

The black marble sink is not only easy to clean, but can also give the bathroom a shiny feel.


Add a drama

The beauty of black and white is demonstrated in this design scheme, which features patterned flooring in a modern atmosphere.


Geometric text

This quirky shower room layout benefits from geometric tiles and brings visual appeal to a compact space.

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Skillfully chic

From unique pink patterned walls and gold-rimmed mirrors to black sink cabinets, this bathroom is chic and vibrant.


Grumpy effect

Designed by the House of Esperanza, the white bulbs in the bathroom, the pink sink dresser, and the tiles under the white add color to the moody effect brought about by the black ceiling and the black upper half wall.


Moroccan mosaic

This gorgeous black and white wall pattern is Moroccan and perfect for round mirrors and black and gold sconces.

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Gorgeous lighting

The chandelier above the bathtub sets the mood of this bathroom elegant and attractive.


Fascinating aesthetics

Designer Scott Sanders used black-and-white color blocking to create bold and captivating effects.

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Hanging light bulb

Diane Keaton’s bathroom is gorgeous and bright with gorgeous lights hanging above the bathroom sink.

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Vintage look

This bathroom has an old-fashioned feel with curiosity, a brass picture frame and an assortment of vintage lighting fixtures.

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Make a statement

Brio Interior Design used this leafy wallpaper to create a captivating and bold bathroom statement.

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Taste combination

This North Dakota bathroom features a sleek black-and-white palette as opposed to a wooden ceiling.


White tips

Designed by Wesley Moon Inc, this pitch-black Upper East Side bathroom contains only white pop to create a chic atmosphere.

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