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13th (almost) annual NHL Winter Classic This Saturday, January 1, 2022, it will be held outdoors at Target Field in Minneapolis. St. Louis blues And host Minnesota Wild..

On a regular basis, the league hosts about three outdoor games each season, each with its own theme. The Stadium series Look to the future of hockey. the Heritage Classic A view of the past with a focus on Canada. Then there’s the American version of this, the Winter Classic, essentially the Heritage Classic. Traditional and old-fashioned events in uniforms are infused into telling the origins of the history of hockey in the participating teams and the markets in which they play.

The The first winter classic It was held on New Year’s Day 2008 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, a snowstorm shootout between his hometown of Sabers and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Both teams wore faithful reproductions of the old team’s uniforms, Baby blue penguins When Original white savers..

Fast forward to 2022, 14 years ago, and you’ll see that St. Louis Bruce is behaving exactly like Saber, wearing the team’s original white uniform set (same color as Saber … well).

ST. LOUIS BLUES2022 winter classic uniform

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The Bruce Winter Classic jersey is a proven design.As mentioned in just one paragraph before, it’s essentially their restart Original 1967-68 Extended Season Road White Uniform.. The only difference (except for modern cuts and patches) is that white tints the cream to give it an era look.

Like its extended season design, the jersey has blue shoulders with pale white, blue and yellow stripes all adjacent to the blue collar, Classic “Blue note” logo In the center of the front and chest, a thick yellow stripe centers two thin blue stripes around the waist and each arm. This exact style was adjusted after the first season of the blues. The yellow and blue stripes reversed in 1968-69..

“It’s cool to have a vintage color. I remember the first jersey that Bruce wore,” said Ryan O’Reily, captain of St. Louis Bruce. Said to stlouisblues.com At the unveiling ceremony of the uniform. “Looking at it, I just think about history. You feel the game, how it was played long before you, and the history of the city. The jerseys are really cool. They have great results. They did a lot of work with them. “

Bruce originally wore this uniform on the street during the 1967 expansion season.

The uniform design also completes the extended season / winter classic set launched by Bruce in 2017. That season’s Winter Classic game played against Chicago at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. I saw Bruce wearing the home blue version of this same 1967 uniform..

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Minnesota Wild 2022 Winter Classic Uniform

In September, a few days before the blues, Minnesota Wild unveiled a retro-flavored uniform to be worn in the 2022 Winter Classic.

They read an official press release from the team, “designed to celebrate the state’s rich hockey pedigree, the Twin Cities competition, and the hockey state heritage.”

The green jersey combines elements from last year’s amateur clubs and semi-professional hockey clubs, such as Minneapolis Millers and St. Paul Saints. The collar is vintage white and does not include laces. The shoulders are red and much thinner than usual. 2022 winter classic logo Wear as a patch on the right shoulder. On the other side of the chest and on each arm, there are some horizontal red stripes trimmed in vintage white. These stripes are from both club uniforms of the 1930s.

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There are two stars on the summit, nodding to the Gemini constellation (“Twins”) and nodding to the Twin Cities theme throughout the set (and the origin of the name of the ball club, which calls this stadium home). The Minnesota state map is placed in red between these stars, with the MN abbreviation placed. The arches above and below this design are the names of both “MPLS” (short for Minneapolis) and “ST” cities. Pole. “

By NHL’s early practice, trousers and gloves were colored brown (hockey clubs did not wear team-colored trousers until the 1930s. Colored gloves did not arrive until the late 1950s. did). The pants have a red diamond logo that duplicates the jersey logo, but is now surrounded by the words “STATE OF HOCKEY”.

A pair of “leather” patches have been added to the elbows on both sleeves to add the old-fashioned feel of the set.

“Since the game is home to the Minnesota Twins, we certainly turned the spirit of Minnie and Paul into a winter classic sweater,” Wild Senior Brand Advisor John Maher said in a press release. Both Twin Cities are represented in the design.

As with the last few Winter Classics, the logo, stripes, numbering and other jersey decorations are all sewn with vintage felt to give it a slightly authentic feel.

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This is an array of blues and wild uniforms from the game, providing a better idea of ​​the uniform match we all look forward to on New Year’s Day.

2022 Winter Classic Goalkeeper Mask

Goalkeepers love to have fun, so both first goalkeepers have revealed a unique mask design that each one wears specifically for winter classic games.

Jordan Binnington of St. Louis has revived the design of his old double blue note, but has updated it to match the winter classic uniform. The blues logo is the same as the one worn on the jersey, and the colors have been shifted to the same light blue, light gold and cream white. On both sides of the mask, Binnington pays homage to a couple of former St. Louis Bruce netminders. Original Blues Goalkeeper Glen Hall Is on the right, and 1980s blues goalkeeper Mike Liut (and Binnington’s agent!) Is on the left.

In the case of Wild, the goalkeeper Kamtalbot pays homage to another The Minnesota team, who usually calls the target field home:

Scattered on the left and right sides of the Talbot mask Minnesota Twins‘A permanent absence sign that decorates the stadium. In the photo above, Joe Mauer’s # 7, Kent Hrbek’s # 14, Bert Blyleven# 28, Tom Kelly’s # 10, Kirby Puckett# 34, and Tony Olivia# 6, even the retirement of the entire league Jackie Robinson# 42 is recognized for Talbot masks.Other nods to the twins include them Win-Twins logo An aerial shot of the target field in a normal baseball setup (via the stadium scoreboard). splendid.


2022 winter classic logo

The 2022 winter classic logo Shows general forest design and standards within the shield Winter classic typeface Scribbled across it. In the background, you can see a frozen pond with snow, and beyond that, a silhouette of a dark blue evergreen tree with a pale blue sky is drawn.

This logo is worn as an epaulette on both blues and wild uniforms during the game. If the team decides to wear these uni in an indoor match later in the season (as usual), this patch will be removed for those occasions.

Link: NHL Winter Classic Complete Logo History

This is a complete slate of the 2022 Winter Classic logo, which includes two primary logos (both English and French), as well as alternative, secondary, wordmark, and additional theme logos.

And, in addition to the past Winter Classic logos, we’ll take a quick look back at the logos each team used for the game until 2008.

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2022 winter classic ice design

The center ice in the target field bears the 2022 Winter Classic logo. This is a branded version with the Discover mark on the logo (this is not the version worn as a patch on the player’s uniform). The logo is placed inside a white circle trimmed in light blue, and “❄️2022 DISCOVERNHLWINTER CLASSIC❄️” is arched in green.

These link shots earlier this week are less visible in terms of decoration surrounding the ice surface, as we’ve seen in other Winter Classics. Evergreens have been added to the row in front of the right wing, and it’s possible that you’re planning something in the centerfield, but that’s not yet known. Also, these photos don’t show board ads, so it’s possible that you haven’t completed all the settings at the time of shooting.

that’s all! All that’s left now is watching the game! The 2022 NHL Winter Classic between Bruce and Wild will begin on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2022, at Target Field, Minnesota, at 7 pm (Eastern Standard Time) (preferably 🤞). Sportsnet 1 (English) and TVA Sports (French) in TNT and Canada.

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