21 Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

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21 Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

Beautiful bedroom decor is all about ambience. Personal, comfortable, laid back. We’ve had enough!If you’ve been obsessed with #aesthetic lately too, here are some Gen-Z TikTok-Approved Bedroom Ideas Inspiration for you!

Aesthetic rooms have been trending for a while now, and the great thing about this style is that it can be achieved almost effortlessly. Most aesthetics have a DIY look and feel, so there’s no need for a full bedroom renovation to get started. Start with decorative vines, add some fun light fixtures, and dress up your bed with a chunky bedspread and a few throw pillows. Then, if it holds up, you can go for a top-to-bottom aesthetic bedroom with collage walls, pallet beds, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Ready to take the beautiful bedroom train? Check out the 21 amazing trends below!

Add string lights

No aesthetic bedroom is complete without fairy string lights. They are perfect for creating ambience in dark corners of a room or adding decorative elements around windows, mirrors and furniture. For an even more magical and cozy feel, add some fake vines too!

rock disco ball

Search Instagram for aesthetic bedrooms and you’ll find disco balls on the floor, sitting on nightstands, or subtly hanging by the window for a dazzling glow. If you want to be in the mood to spin disco balls in the sun and rumble, there you are! In addition to everything else, if you have a cat, you should go ahead and buy one for her.

Create a collage wall

Creating a collage feature wall is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your bedroom with artwork, printed photos, magazine clippings—anything that brings you joy! To prevent clutter in your collection, keep a consistent color scheme throughout the design.

expose your Wardrobe

If you think it’s unsightly to hang extra clothes on a hanger in the corner of the room, think again. This bedroom via @friederikefox Shows how easy it is to create an aesthetic space by displaying your favorite pieces, store styles on the track. Not only does it encourage you to keep everything organized, but it also adds character and character to the room.

Turn up the comfort factor

We love this bedroom from florencemayvintage!She proves you can have all aesthetic atmosphere and all Comfort in one. Warm colors, a mix of different textures and patterns, and plenty of personal gadgets are the perfect way to boost comfort. If your bedroom feels a little too cold or sterile, try adding some of these elements to make it feel more like home.

Tilt full-length mirror

A full-length mirror is an aesthetic addition to any bedroom and can work wonders to create the illusion of space, especially in small rooms. Not only that, but it also brings depth and light to your bedroom decor. You can hang it vertically or horizontally, or lean it against a wall for added visual interest.

hang the tapestry

A surefire way to create a comfortable and beautiful room is to decorate your space with tapestries. Popular choices include patterns such as mandalas, geometric shapes and flowers, and since the tapestries are easy to change, you can have different designs throughout the year.

Beautiful room decor is all about personal style and frugal discoveries, and there’s no better way to achieve this look than with a gallery wall! From art prints, framed posters, charity shop records and vintage postcards, a curated collection of aesthetic wall art can go a long way in creating your own casual space.

go Artificial greening

Faux vines are popping up in almost every aesthetic bedroom on social media. They work well when hung from the ceiling, attached to the wall, or hung from a headboard or bed rail. Bonus points if you mix some aesthetic fairy lights with vines to add to the ambience – the result will be magic.

Add a bed cover

You can always rely on a canopy bed to turn an ordinary bedroom into a fantastic aesthetic sanctuary.But don’t just take our word for it: this stunning bedroom from palim_tintin Showcasing an easy DIY bedspread made from curtain rods and fabric panels that looks like a dream hairspring! Pair it with LED string lights and decorative vines for extra points.

Layer different textures

Creating an #aesthetic bedroom requires mixing and matching textures in your space. Using the right combination of rugs, floor pillows, blankets and cushions can make a difference in your bedroom decor and set the tone for the entire room. But beyond that, textures also help bring in other decorative details like patterns, colors and shapes.

fill your room with plants

In the field of aesthetic decoration, there is no doubt that fake greenery is the craze that is happening. But there is something about living plants that can add unparalleled personality to any living space. Mix your faux vines with real vines for maximum realism, or skip the faux plants altogether and use live houseplants instead.

Install LED lights

LED strips are the epitome of aesthetic room decor. They can have a very dramatic effect with very little effort, helping to change the mood of the bedroom according to your mood. Pop some LED strings behind the headboard, ceiling or around the walls and let them illuminate your space in full RGB brilliance.

decorated with lace

Macrame wall hangings have been around for a while, but they remain one of the most aesthetically pleasing decorations. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something to add texture and warmth, lace wall hangings are the way to go.

Show vinyl records

If you have a collection of vintage records, it’s time to take them out of storage and display them proudly! Combine them with magazine cutouts or print photos for an even more stunning display. The best part? You can change your LP at any time to match your current listening mood.

dress up your bed

We can all agree that one of the best things about an aesthetic bedroom is the bedding. Not only are there tons of cute and stylish options to choose from, but changing bedding is a quick and easy way to instantly refresh your bedroom. Whether you choose a bold pattern or a classic neutral, make sure your sheets add to your existing color scheme!

join one neon sign

While wall sconces and bedside lights can help set the mood, nothing improves the overall ambience of your space like neon. Not only will it brighten the mood of your room for a playful, relaxing vibe, but it also doubles as a wall decoration when closed.

let your walls bloom

Fake flowers are an aesthetic bedroom staple right next to hanging vines and fairy string lights. Create fantastic floating floral backgrounds for your social media photos by placing artificial flowers around an oversized mirror or behind your bed. Here’s an easy way to add some vibrancy (and color) to your bedroom!

Use Moon Wall Decor

Moon phase garlands, moon mirrors, and crescent neon signs are all regular fixtures in an aesthetic bedroom, and for good reason. Simple enough to use in a minimalist bedroom but still enough to make a statement, Moon Wall Decor is dreamy, whimsical, and adds just the right amount of magic to your walls!

make one DIY wallpaper

Using old book pages to make a decorative wall in your bedroom is fun and quirky – and it costs almost nothing, so it’s definitely worth a try! If the actual thought of tearing up books (even old and dusty ones) is too painful for you, you can use maps, photo collages, sheet music, or newspapers to get the job done.

make a pallet bed

Part rustic, part boho, part shabby chic, pallet beds come in a variety of design styles to bring a relaxing organic accent to any space. Here, Instagrammer our lifedownthelane Surround log pallet beds with other natural materials, including dry pampas and lace, for the perfect ambience!

give it to you!

We hope you enjoy our list of 21 aesthetic bedroom ideas and hope you’ll try some of them. Remember, when decorating your bedroom, it’s important to find items that make you happy, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles until it feels just right.

If you’re in the market for some aesthetic bedroom wall decor, be sure to check out Displate’s metal posters and express yourself with tons of aesthetic designs from artists around the world!

Are there any aesthetic room ideas we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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