24 Best Guest Bathroom Ideas


Amy Bertram

At home, your bathroom is one of your safe havens. So it’s only natural to want the guest bathroom to have the same calm when friends and family are together.Check these out if you’re looking to turn your space into something your visitors love beautiful guest bathroom idea.

Whether you’re hosting an event at home or spending your vacation with family and friends, the guest bathroom is one of the first places you’ll often see and use during your stay. And sometimes, guest bathrooms are one of the areas that are often overlooked. Whether your bathroom is classic white, elegant pink or vibrant green, there are many smart ways to create a space that feels like a home. Some of these ideas require you to work from scratch, while others provide tips for maximizing your small space with built-in shelves, storage solutions, and vanities. From bold tiled floor installations to mixing subtle colored pops throughout, these design tips and decoration ideas will welcome guests in style.

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Built-in shelves

Separate the location of the embedded shelves for easy storage. You can use them to hold extra towels and baskets full of bathroom essentials.


Statement wall

Two-tone walls bring a dimension to any design. Keep the bottom half of the wall plain and add a patterned wallpaper on top of it. You can do this for the entire space or for the section you want to emphasize.


Black and white

Black and white are a timeless color combination, especially in the bathroom. The combination of black lighting, hardware and trim provides dramatic contrast and depth.


Contrasting pattern

Herringbone tiles, which are in harmony with the floral wallpaper and shades, are in perfect harmony. Feel relaxed in medium or deep blue.


Pop of color

If you want to keep the rest of the bathroom in one shade, paint the bathroom with a shade of statement, like bold cobalt blue, and welcome a splash of color.


Decorative wallpaper

Spending time in nature calms the mind and mind, so installing plant-inspired wallpapers is an easy way for anyone in the room to make the room more enjoyable.


Gold accent

If you only want to make minor changes to your bathroom design, add gold accents to add elegance.


Warm and bright tones

Keep the walls white and add wooden accents throughout to mix dark and bright areas. The patterned rugs are the perfect finish.

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Marble design

Not only is the arched entrance impressive, but the marble seats inside make the bath safer. This is great for guests who may need it.

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Bold flooring

If most of the guest bathrooms are monochromatic, switch flooring to be intriguing. Choose the color and design of the tiles that actually float on the wall, as shown here.


Single tone

Hang a curved mirror and install a terrazzo vanity to modernize your bathroom.


Double mirror

It is essential to have a mirror in the guest bathroom. To create a sense of symmetry, hang two on the double sink bathroom.


Vanity of makeup

Paste the cosmetic vanity on the unused corners to provide a designated place for guests to prepare for the day. When not in use, slide the stool under the bathroom to free up floor space.

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Grand display

Hanging the chandelier over the tub makes it dramatic, and warm tones of the runner add a pleasing contrast. By placing a bathtub in front of the bay window, guests can take advantage of the natural light that passes through.

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Comfortable seat

If the bathroom is large enough, divide it into two sections. A sitting area for quality R & R and all other sections.

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Boho appeal

From rattan pendants to slate bamboo bath mats, warm your white bathroom with a variety of rustic accents.

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Live green

Plants bring life to every space. Sprinkle some air purifying plants throughout the room, such as in the shower, along the windowsill, hanging from the ceiling, to create a calm sensation.

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sliding door

It works like a traditional swing door, but if you work on a limited floor area, a sliding pocket door is ideal. Certain styles, such as farmhouse barn doors, make every room warmer and more cozy.


Custom medicine cabinet

You can cover the inside of the medicine rack with blackboard paint to leave positive notes for guests. You can even write a list of everything they have at their disposal and where to find them.

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Towels on display

Have everything your guests might need in the bathroom, such as arranging towels in a metal rack (which is actually made for water bottles). It can be placed directly on the floor or mounted on the wall for easy access.

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A sense of balance

If you don’t want to close the small guest bathroom, make sure the sink on the pedestal and the surrounding tiles have the same color palette.

twenty three

Natural light

The large windows create an open and open atmosphere in the room. There is also additional storage space between the bay window alcove. In this case, it’s the perfect place for a free-standing bathtub.

twenty four

Stylish bathroom cabinet

Make sure everything is ready and in one place. Choose a Flemish or frosted glass panel to hide the supplies.

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