25 Coffee Station Ideas Any Barista Will Love

25 Coffee Station Ideas Any Barista Will Love

This one is for coffee presses, grinders and latte artists put hearts and roses on foam. Get your chocolate croissants ready and get inspired for a cold cup of coffee from this list of awesome coffee station ideas.

People love coffee because it’s a delicious way to start their day and it gives them the energy they need to get through the morning. Coffee is also a great way to socialize with friends and a great excuse to take a break from work. Yes, we all go for a coffee when work gets a little boring!

If you’re a coffee lover, you probably have a lot of ideas about what the perfect coffee station should look like. Maybe, you didn’t think that far, because your favorite coffee shop is only a few meters away from your home.

We can all agree that a cup of freshly brewed coffee never goes out of style. But maybe you’ve been using a sub-par set of tools and got it wrong.

Any barista will tell you that making coffee is an art form that requires only the best tools. So…get ready to be blown away by the coffee station you’re about to see.

Where will these coffee stations be? Well, pretty much anywhere you need coffee. The office, your home, the corner café, and possibly your nearest co-working station. There’s never a bad place to give people plenty of caffeine.

Before we dive into the list, be sure to check out our list of kitchen wall decor ideas to spice up your walls. We’re also absolutely addicted to the selection of food posters and coffee station posters on Displate Marketplace.

3 Rules for Making a Coffee Station

Creating a custom coffee station is a great way to make sure you have everything you need to make the perfect coffee. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Create an inviting space.

Add comfortable seating, good lighting, and maybe even some plants to help create a relaxing environment. Decorative features like posters for coffee bars can make you or anyone else look and feel interesting.

Choose the right machine and accessories.

Depending on your coffee making habits, the tools you need will vary. Are you a French media guy or a girl? Or do you like automatic espresso machines? Know what you like and do it.

Choose the right coffee beans.

Your coffee should be tasty and up to par.

Complete List of Items Required for a Coffee Station

To make the perfect cup of coffee, you need the right tools and supplies. Here is a list of the essentials you will need for your coffee station:

  • Coffee machine
  • coffee grinder
  • coffee beans
  • milk frother (optional)
  • plate (optional garnish)
  • French media (optional)
  • cup or mug
  • sugar
  • cream or milk

If you have all of these things on hand, you can make the perfect coffee.

Now let’s jump into the coffee station ideas list!

Kitchen Corner Coffee Station

In the example here, we see the economical use of space by adding shelves to store coffee cups and other useful brewing tools. A nice decorating touch is to add a logo, like the mini chalkboard seen here with matching sugar, and the creamer jar that looks great.

green thumb stand

Adding plants or draping some greenery is a cool idea to add a touch of nature to your coffee station. If you have a room theme that you want to incorporate, the aesthetic design concept of the coffee bar is important.

Mini Home Coffee Bar

Here’s another example with a cool logo, it’s also worth noting that you may need to set up the coffee station next to an outlet so you can plug in a kettle and espresso machine.

LED coffee bar

Who says you can’t brew coffee in style, add some LED lights to your station to give it some extra flair. We like the example above. If you don’t have shelves, adding hangers to store your cups and save space is also a good use of space.

Rec Room Coffee Station

We know that if your coffee station is located in an office building, it is important to find an economical way to store all your cups and cutlery. This recreation room example has great drawers to store all the needed items.

Restaurant Mini Coffee Spot

In this home kitchen example, the coffee station is minimal, but also uses large drawers to keep each appliance neatly packed. For instant coffee drinkers, it’s pretty cool to match your kettle with everything else for a sleek and stylish look.

Little Barista Station

Layering shelves from top to bottom is a great way to add plants and other decorations to your coffee station. Coffee cups, kettles and other useful brewing tools can be placed on the shelf for easy access. We are also absolutely obsessed with this clean white look.

elegant brewing nook

For those who like to entertain guests. Nice to add emotional embellishments that can start a conversation. Consider adding framed photos of memories or even family to create a cozy feel for the coffee station where people can gather for a drink.

Chic medieval tea and coffee bar

Adding bar stools or seating to your small home coffee bar is a great addition if you’re planning to have an extra drink at a gathering with friends or family. Maybe if you’re taking a small brewing class, that might be a nice touch.

modern coffee station

This example has a beautiful wooden backsplash that gives the coffee bar a stylish yet comfortable look. If your coffee station is at home, it is very welcome to incorporate your coffee station into the other aesthetics of your kitchen or dining room.

Quick Office Drinks Section

Designate a small corner of the countertop for all coffee items. As mentioned above, having a drawer to store replenishment items like sachets, tea bags, and milk will help save time. It’s also beneficial to have a refrigerator next to the coffee station, which provides easy access to milk, cream, and other ingredients that need to be refrigerated.

Amazing mini caffeine bar

We really like using coordinating storage containers for everything like coffee beans and other ingredients. It’s a convenient alternative to traditional drawers and cabinets if you’re short on storage space. Also, mixing everything into three overall colors, wood, black, and silver, works great.

Cappuccino Machine Bar Coffee Station Ideas

Small features like the little blackboard above add character to your coffee station idea. Disposable cups are a great option for ideas for public coffee stations. Sure, cafes and restaurants use them, but more importantly, they can also be used in intimate settings like offices and homes.

Latte Station

So cool to see how creative most of these coffee bar ideas are. We tried to find really neutral colors to keep things simple. You can decorate it with your own unique ideas, maybe you want bolder colors. everything is fine.

Suburban Coffee Station Ideas

Cabinets are great if you want to hide everything.

Full Stack Coffee Station

For those who like to entertain others, add fun quirky items like lamps, clocks, candy and cinnamon canteens and more, you may want to show off your unique personality.

coffee cabinet

When it comes to the ingredients needed for a coffee station, it all depends on the caffeinated beverage you want to drink. It can be simple coffee beans or other more niche things like caramel syrup and chai evening powder. If you have more specialized brewing tools, it can be fun to expand your arsenal with new drinks.

blue coffee station

Making coffee isn’t just something to do when you need a little caffeine, it’s a hobby for many. A truly passionate barista can collect different coffee beans from many parts of the world, enjoy the taste and learn how to make different drinks.

Cream and Sugar Portion Coffee Station Ideas

Don’t be afraid to add more and more logos, the decor is entirely up to you, and fun logos with cool quotes make a great conversation starter when people use the coffee bar.

Co-working coffee bar

in conclusion

By taking the time to create a custom coffee station that suits your needs, you can ensure that you always have the perfect coffee in your office or home. With all the benefits that come with having a coffee station, it’s an investment that’s sure to pay off.

Now that you’ve explored the full list of coffee station ideas, hopefully you’ve found a design you’d like to recreate in your own space. Enjoy making the drink we all love and go ahead and create a coffee station fit for kings and queens.


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