26 Best Living Room Rug Ideas

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First woven from reeds and grass by nomadic tribes 5,000 years ago, rugs have been the mainstay of interiors for thousands of years and for good reason. Rug, the shadow hero of home decor, often softens the scaffolding, absorbs noise, is an excellent internal insulator, and helps reduce heating costs. Functionality aside, rugs can also completely change the space by combining color schemes and adding textures, dimensions and statement-making styles. Another reason designers rarely miss the opportunity to take advantage of area rugs in the living room? They set boundaries, define zones, and draw some coveted R & R-only spaces.

Whether you’re using exquisite flat weaves, kilim runners, or striped statement rugs, designers continue to prove that rugs aren’t just practical pieces. Boasting a colorful pattern design, rugs can be combined with a generally minimalist style to bring out the accent color of the background and add playfulness. Antique Persian and Moroccan rugs, on the other hand, are both designer favorites and can enhance gravity and drama in any living space. Want to completely change the space? You can make your living room taller just by upgrading the rug.

With countless rugs available in a variety of patterns, designs, colors, materials and sizes, it can be difficult to choose the right one. To reduce stress, we have collected a collection of 26 living room rug ideas that will inspire and help you find your dream rug.

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Bird’s eye view

To introduce complementary colors and warmth, designer Jesse Lane chose an abundance of area rugs that would bring a sense of history and custom to this postmodern living room.


Simple eclecticism

Invented by Shannon Ggem, this lakeside cottage features cheerful, tufted floor coverings, perfect accents with dramatic stone fireplaces, double chandeliers and extra warm tones.


Marble mimicry

To make the already luxurious high-rise condominiums even more luxurious, design firm Mendelson Group has sneaked white marble-like rugs under chic furniture.


Circle of influence

A large circular rug outlines this living space, devised by Los Angeles-based designer Kay Coller. It blends perfectly with the mauve ottoman, oval pendant lights, curvy sofas and coffee tables.


Chasing the rainbow

Designed by Koo de Kir, the calm and comfortable living room features multi-colored rugs that resemble the artwork hanging on the fireplace.


Double trouble

For high-rise condominiums, Cicago-based designer Elizabeth Stamos lays a basket-woven floor mat under a small geometric Persian rug. The effect adds warmth, texture and dimensions.


Coastal personality

To bring this refreshing living room together, designer Amy Adinis Hirsch used chic basket-woven rugs. This accentuates the surrounding navy blue and dark wood tones.


Back to the future

To ground this ultra-modern and ultra-luxury seaside dwelling, the company’s chimera interior utilized tan and cobalt area rugs that bring a sense of warmth and traditionalism.


Classic black and white

Design Studio Night Palm is a simple black and white to put under a vintage Mario Bellini sofa, showing how some real furniture can make a stunning display in your living space. I chose the rug.



To bring this hilarious living room full of art, unique mid-century modern fixtures, and beloved books, designer Martin Young chooses a desaturated area rug that brings both warmth and coolness. I was surprised.

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Island living

Basket weave mats are paired with textured tan walls and light-colored wooden furniture, with geometric cobalt and cream-colored rugs at the top accentuating the surrounding shades. Together, the layered floor covering helps create a refreshing atmosphere in this Sullivan’s Island living room designed by Angie Hranowsky.


There is light

Gorgeous skylights bring enough brightness and warmth to this living room designed by a solid taconic builder, and ruby ​​red area rugs combined with sage curtains and cream sofas bring the room to life. Give.


Candy cane stripe

Los Angeles-based design studio Sherwood Kypreos adds color to this modern dual living and dining room with candy cane striped rugs.


bright side

Designed by Anja Michals, this cozy living room lets in plenty of light through its large windows. Geometric area rugs provide a neutral yet vibrant background for simple black, white and rattan furniture.


Golden touch

Designed by Amy Lau, this Upper East Side living room features an area rug featuring subdued yellow, orange, and blue abstract stripes.

16 16

Cube out

Designed by Laurie Blumenfeld, this quirky yet discreet living room features vibrant cubic patterned rugs that perfectly blend with geometric cushions and uniquely textured ceilings.

17 17

Drama heroine

Designed by Elizabeth Benedict, this Boston living room is full of fun dramas. Animal skin coverings add even more grandeur.

18 18

Eclectic way

Los Angeles-based designer Jesse Lane will do it again in this eclectic mid-century living space. Purple and yellow Chinese Art Deco rugs reflect the shades found on the walls of sofas and galleries.

19 19

Blue shade

San Francisco-based designer Tineke Triggs layered shades of blue through velvet sofas, upholstered accent chairs, and monumental blue and white area rugs.



Interior company Everage Design, Inc. to evoke the maximum mood. Adopted an area rug that would be a statement piece in almost every other room. Moreover It was designed for the Robinson Garden Showcase House.

twenty one

Animal instinct

To enhance the vintage charm of this 1920s bungalow, the studio reDesign home has adopted animal area rugs to delight this living room.

twenty two

Lakeside oasis

Designed by the solid LDa Architecture & Interiors, this outdoor living room blurs the line between outdoor and indoor, featuring black-and-white geometric area rugs that provide the warmth needed, especially on cold lakeside nights.

twenty three

California casual

In this Los Angeles home, designer Release Pindle used mustard yellow, navy, and white rugs to tie the warm tones of a nearby sofa, emphasizing a bright wooden coffee table.

twenty four

Modern family

In this family room, San Francisco-based design firm bd home combines a neutral chevron rug with a cozy ottoman and simple seating, centered around a gold glove pendant.

twenty five

Complementary chic

Designed by Kendal Wilkinson, this living room repeats colors drawn from traditional area rugs throughout the room. The pink shades of the rugs are on the sofa pillows, and the blue shades are repeated in vintage artwork.


Repeat is the name of the game

As a hideaway for this wine country, the solid niche interior featured simple black and white rugs that mimic the biology of plant cells.

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