30 Gallery Wall Ideas For Any Kind Of Space

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30 Gallery Wall Ideas For Any Kind Of Space

Check out these totally rad gallery wall ideas that are sure to make your pad look pop. From cool vintage posters to funky and eclectic art pieces, we’ve rounded up some ideas that can help you get your creative juices flowing and create the ultimate gallery wall that stands out and hopefully makes your guests stop and stare.

What is a gallery wall?

Gallery walls are collections of art hung on the same wall or mounted together, creating visual interest, color, texture and dimension on your walls.

But where do you start? Here are some gallery wall ideas that will help you get inspired and find the perfect way to beautify your empty spaces and rooms.

Displate for the win!

Displate is the perfect way to enlarge any space! The top-notch prints are printed on metal with a cool magnetic mounting feature, so say goodbye to the struggle of nails or glue. Plus, with vibrant colors and sharp details, every wall will look fantastic.

You might be thinking “that sounds amazing”, well, it gets better!

Each Displate poster comes with our unique magnetic mounting system so you can switch out your artwork whenever you want for a fresh and stylish vibe. Today you might feel like Star Wars posters or Harry Potter posters, tomorrow you might want a minimalist posters instead. With Displate it’s easy to transform your gallery wall!

Go for a Classic Grid

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Arrange photos in a grid for an updated twist on the classic photo wall. Balance different sized frames and fill the wall with all kinds of clippings.

Wallpaper Accent walls are always in

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Choose a fire wallpaper and hang your favorite art on it to create an aesthetic background that will attract all the attention. Your pieces will look lit!

Artistic group of small frames

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Create a cool display by grouping small frames together to make one larger piece that really stands out!

Retro Monochrome Gallery

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Keep it ultra-simple by choosing all black and white photos or prints for your gallery wall.

The Natural Focal Point

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Enhance your gallery wall with natural elements such as branches, rocks and driftwood – but don’t forget the photo frames! Mix it all together for an aesthetic display.

A Splash of Colorful Mosaic

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Arrange your artwork in a colorful mosaic pattern to add some pizazz to your wall! Enjoy playing with color and creating something unique.

Mirror frame installation

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Mirrors are the best way to make a gallery wall look fantastic! Place them in different frames and throw some art between them to complete the atmosphere. It will be something no one can ignore when they walk through the door!

The panel artwork

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Hang multiple panels together for an interesting way to hang multiple pieces of art without making them look cluttered or overwhelming.

Asymmetrical gallery

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Arrange your artwork in an asymmetrical shape on the wall to create visual interest – it’s a great way to make use of those funky shaped frames and pictures!

Unique wallpaper gallery

Choose a wallpaper design and hang several frames with mini versions of it throughout the room. It creates a totally unique, attention-grabbing aesthetic!

Hanging Gallery

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Hang artwork from the ceiling to create a gallery wall situation that’s unexpected and completely out of the box.

Collage of wall art

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Choose several pieces of art and arrange them in a larger collage on the wall for a bold statement look.

String Art Gallery

Create rope art forms with photos or prints to hang on the wall – it’s a great way to add texture and color without taking up too much space!

Panoramic View

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Hang several panoramic pictures together in frames to create an interesting landscape effect on your wall.

Textured feature wall

Use textured paper as your backdrop and hang framed photos in front of it to create a unique, dimensional look.

Industrial Gallery

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Hang artwork on an exposed brick wall for an industrial-style gallery wall look.

Shadowbox screen

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Create a shadow box display for your favorite things – such as old postcards or vintage items – to create an eye-catching and unique feature wall.

The Art Apron

Hang artwork along the edges of the walls to create a picture frame effect – it’s great for creating visual interest without taking up too much space!

Frameless Gallery

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Skip the frames and hang photos directly on the walls with removable adhesive strips for a modern, minimalist look.

Minimalist grid wall

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Stick to one type of frame and use a grid pattern to hang your artwork for a clean, modern look.

The enlightened art

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Hang artwork with lights behind it to create an illuminated look that will draw attention to the pieces you choose.

Narrow Gallery

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Hang artwork on a narrow gallery wall – this can be great for small spaces and will make the most of every inch of available wall space!

Classic photo grid

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Arrange photos in a classic grid pattern, but change things up by mixing different sizes and shapes of frames for a unique look.

The oversized piece

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Make one large piece of art the focus of your gallery wall by hanging it in the center and adding smaller pieces around it for balance.

Mural-style gallery

Create a large mural design on your wall by grouping several pieces of art together in an interesting pattern. It will add visual interest to the room and can be a great conversation starter!

Bright Gallery

Keep things bright and airy by using white frames, pictures and rugs for your gallery wall.

Map wall

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Hang maps or globes as part of your gallery wall display to create an interesting focal point in any room.

Mixed Media Gallery

Mix different types of media – such as paintings, photographs, prints and drawings – in the same space for an eclectic gallery wall atmosphere.

Bonus idea

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That’s it, hopefully this blog post will leave you inspired with a set of fresh new ideas to make your gallery wall pop!

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