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30 years ago, Carol Mie I packed up my luggage, closed the storefront, and moved from New Mexico to Denver. She was optimistic about finding a new place to call her home because she had no money in her pocket. She wanted to create her storefront in the Arts District, which also provides a place to live. Fortunately for her, her realtor found a beat-up machine shop. The floor was covered with dirt and mold, and the ceiling was cracked, but Mie knew it was the perfect place. After six months of reconstruction, her store was open to the public.

Currently she is the first woman to own an art gallery in the Arts District.“”It’s very important for women to know that I didn’t get it from the trust fund, I didn’t get what I had from my ex-husband, and I got everything by believing in myself. ” Mier said.

Becoming the first female-owned art gallery is just one of many achievements of Mier.She also won This year’s Colorado Designer, Her design is Buell Theater Lobby and Denner MuseumAnd exhibited the collection at Denver Fashion Week.

After her best friend taught her how to sew, Mie began her fashion design journey in fifth grade. From there, Mier was inspired by the magazine to create a pleated, non-traditional skirt.

“I go to school with my designs and everyone is like,’Where did you get those designs?’,” Mier said. Initially, Mie designed from the kitchen table until a friend recommended opening the storefront. She was hesitant at first, but she found that talking to her people wasn’t as scary as she thought.

Mier’s designs are inspired by the beauty of the 30’s and 40’s and the richness of different cultures. She is also proud of what her mother taught her to be as sustainable as possible.

“My mother grew up in the Great Depression, and she taught me how to be very witty,” Mier said. “Even if we were raising money, she was still very careful about everything, and I learned it from her.”

For this reason, Mier recycles scrap into brand new clothing such as wall art and toddler dresses.

“I want to work more on educating people so that they aren’t wasted too much,” Mier said. Mier’s design process begins with the fabric. She said her fabric only talks to her, so she can instantly imagine what she wants to create. From there she decides on the weight, appearance, and fall of the dough and begins to make it. When she started designing, she said that Mie was often in a “meditation state.”

This makes it a double-sided scarf made of blue fluffy blankets, a long coat made of vintage curtains, or a simple Victorian secret slip that combines vintage lace and an old skirt. For Mier, the possibilities are endless. With her unique design approach, it’s no wonder it gets people’s attention. Especially one is a singer-songwriter – Ron Van Eaton.. He and his brother, Derrek van EatonThe Beatles contract Apple records And released countless successful albums. Mie knew Ron and his wife, and said he would throw her elaborate musical gathering on his ranch and invite her to attend.

Not only did she have the opportunity to design clothes for him, but she also saw him create and record his music.

“”He invited me and many creatives from different countries to provide feedback. [on his music]”Mie said. “I was really impressed that he wanted me to be part of that process.”

Designing for Van Eaten was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but Mier found that she was attracting herself to encouraging women to stand out and feel confident. ..

“I think women are afraid to stand out. It’s not necessarily noticeable, but it has a unique and interesting look,” Mier said. “They always say,’It’s dressy.’ And it’s not necessarily dressy, it’s expressive. ” But when the woman found the right look, Mier said their reaction was the reason she loved the design.

“I like to see how women feel when they try on something. I’m really happy to see their spirit uplifting and I can contribute to it. “Mier said.

Visit Mie on the first Friday of the Arts Walk in the Arts District of Denver, Santefe, Wednesday, June 1st, from 6pm to 9pm.

Carol Mier Fashion is a sustainable fashion brand based in Denver, Colorado.See her for more information Website Or follow her Instagram.

All photography Michael Hamester.


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