4 Eye-popping ways to include the colour blue in your home


If you are looking for a pleasing color scheme for your home, you can’t go wrong with shades of blue. Many of us are partial because the infamous and popular blue not only gives calm and comfort, but also happens to be a shade. One of the reasons it’s reliable for interior designers is that it gels well with many other colors and makes it easy to use different shades for the rest of the house. Now, if you’re wondering where to start, there are several ways you can include blue in your home decor.

  1. Bed with Prussian interior decoration and Rikamier

Bring home a bed with deep blue upholstery and a cushioned headband to refresh the look and feel of your master bedroom. If you want to tinker with the colors, you can add cushions in different shades of blue and gray to your bed, or add a licamier or velvet pouf to the edge of your bed. This will give your home a dignified atmosphere.

  1. Towering wooden doorways painted in turquoise

If you are in the middle of a home renovation, you can take advantage of this opportunity to redo the entrance to your home or balcony. Simply have the architect or interior designer tweak the entrance design to include the blue painted wooden doors. Many people opt for a wood finish distressed by such doorways to add a bohemian look to the space.

  1. Choose a blue velvet or suede sofa for your living room

An easy way to add a touch of blue to your home is to buy a velvet or suede sofa or lounger in a navy blue shade. You can also choose a teal shade if you prefer. Choosing a gray wall or wallpaper finish behind the sofa has been observed to be an excellent way to add to the atmosphere of the living room. You can also add a shade-loving potted plant to add a fresh touch to your room.

Blue house decoration

  1. Small desk or table in powder blue

If you don’t want to grow, but make small adjustments to your home and include your favorite colors in it; then try taking an artistic blue vase or flowerpot home. You also have the option of adding blue paintings and artwork to the white-walled room.

Blue room decoration

If you have a little money, get a practical powder blue desk or table to brighten your room!

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