4 things influencing Barclay Butera’s latest furniture and decor designs

4 things influencing Barclay Butera’s latest furniture and decor designs

ATLANTA — Barclay Butera is launching a new rug collection with Jaipur Living at this week’s Atlanta market, and the veteran designer said it complements several interior design influences he’s incorporating into his latest project.

“The new Oxford collection is elegant and casual at the same time, and introduces hand-woven accents into a range of spaces,” Butella said in an exclusive interview with Furniture Today. “Natural, undyed yarns complement a range of shades and styles and are perfect for modern and traditional homes, while the tight terry creates a lasting accent for living rooms, offices, bedrooms, halls and other high and low circulation spaces and entrances. “

There are currently 15 styles in Butera’s product line, available in a variety of sizes, and all items in stock are available for shipment. Backorders for the new Oxford collection run to the end of July and the end of August, depending on size.

In addition to his rug collection, Butera’s recent interior design projects also pay homage to the lifestyle trajectories of some of his clients.

Here are four concepts that have influenced some of his recent designs:

  • Neo-Traditional – “I have to say that my recent projects do reflect what I call neo-traditional design,” says Butra. “It’s a more mature approach to design, slightly transitional, clean, uninhibited and fresh. My new book, The New Tradition, is the perfect pictorial for this style!”
  • Sophisticated simplicity – “For my clients, while they still love an inviting setting, they know we’re also designing for comfort and livability,” explains Butera. “I see a world where life is simpler and less cumbersome and cluttered, so when clients go home, it becomes a more relaxed and stress-free environment.”
    He added that many of his core clients are now building “forever homes,” creating a need for design curation that combines new home furnishings with items purchased over the years.
  • Calming Neutrals – “I’m known for my blues and whites, but lately I’ve been embracing calming neutrals and muted, slightly faded colors,” says Butera. “You can always add some lively shades to be playful, but classic is where I go, and my clients love the vibe.”
  • Taste of Travel – While many consumers choose to spend their discretionary income on travel rather than at home, Butera notes that these wanderlust translate well to his furniture and decor collections.

“In naming my collection, I tried to evoke a mindset that nothing is more perfectly exemplified than choosing a city where people can close their eyes and dream,” he said. “I’m lucky enough to travel the world and every time I travel I see something that inspires my art, my home decor, bedding or rug collection. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients say ‘I wish I Home feels like I live in it (fill in the blank).

“My latest furniture line with Lexington Home Brand is called Laguna,” Butera said. “Among the picturesque beach towns on the Southern California coast, none are as connected to the arts and traditional charm as the Laguna Beach community. The vibe is stylish yet cozy and classic, and it’s the perfect inspiration for clients and patrons alike when shopping. “

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