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Here are five useful ideas for decorating your balcony. How to get started, what helps, everything you need to realize every idea.

Given the style of the apartment, it is worth paying close attention, not just the room. The balcony can be the main highlight of the interior of your home. People often turn it into a place to store unwanted things. By the way, it can be designed as an additional room or as a place to relax.

Reasonable use of loggias and balconies is very important for small apartments where every centimeter of available space is essential. It is possible to refurbish an underrated square meter in a few simple steps.

Where to start arranging

  1. Run inventory of existing facilities

The first element of arranging the balcony should be normal but thorough cleaning. All space needs to be freed.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary things

Obviously, it’s time to throw away much of what was discovered, something — — Display and sell on second-hand goods websites. You can bring seasonal items to the garage or rent a storage room near your house (by the way, this is a fairly common service in big cities).

  1. Come up with a design — — Measure the room. Understand how to equip a balcony. Select an interior style. Plan for furniture placement, engineering communications and electrical wiring planning.

Balcony design options

Have you ever seen a moving picture of a Parisian balcony with freshly baked croissants and cheese on an elegant table and a glass of wine poured? You can all create such an interior yourself, especially if you are a happy owner of an apartment overlooking a cozy courtyard or square.

Here you will need a table top like a bar counter and some bar stools or small folding tables and some stools.

You can put some pots with herbs such as mint, basil, thyme and rosemary. There’s nothing more fun than going out to the balcony in the summer, sitting at a table to make tea, and adding mint leaves to it.

A good option is to create a kind of mini cabinet on the balcony. You can work here at any time.Converting a balcony or loggia into a full-fledged office will probably require some repairs — — Glass, balcony insulation, special floor and wall finishes. However, if you’re considering a summer home office option, all you have to do is select the furniture dimensions you need and make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Those who dream of finding tranquility and an oasis of tranquility have a great opportunity to create such a place for themselves. Turn your balcony into a small seating area where you can play board games with your friends, listen to music, read a book, or take a nap in the fresh air.

In this case, it makes sense to put a small sofa or a cozy beanbag. Hammock can be hung if space allows.By the way, you can also sit on the floor — — In this case, thick rugs and pillows made of comfortable, warm and abrasion resistant fabrics are very helpful.

If you are a big plant lover or want to grow some crops but don’t have a summer cottage, you can create a mini plantation with your own hands.

Some amateur gardeners destroy the entire rose garden on the balcony, while others can harvest multiple cucumbers and tomatoes each season.

You can also place an armchair with a small table here to enjoy the scenery and scent of your favorite flowers.

Therefore, there is one more important thing to keep in mind when deciding on a balcony design. It’s transportation. Repairs take a lot of time and effort. In addition to all this, you need to go to various hardware stores to find the right one for your interior. If you don’t have the freedom to use your car and the taxi is too expensive, Monthly car rental.. You can choose a comfortable car and adjust the timing as needed.


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