5 Ways to decorate your home using vintage wood accents

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There is no doubt that vintage decorations are back in trend! From royal wall frames to magnificent table decorations, vintage wooden accents not only add a chic feel to your home, but also make your home even more vibrant and luxurious while its uniqueness. Can give a complex charm with. It only takes a little time to master the art of nailing those vintage accents and you will get a sense of that royal heritage in your home! To help you redecorate your space, here we bring you some simple tricks to add just the right amount of contrast and old-fashioned atmosphere to your place, and that too. Gracefully.

1. Vintage wall art

Exhibiting eclectic natural paintings in dark brown vintage frames is one of the best ways to create an impressive wall. Disagree but similar painted frames can be used to keep the overall look clean and compatible. Repeat the entire theme for a consistent look, using specific themes such as greens and clouds.

2. Royal table decoration

The days when people left the table without decorative elements are over! Today, people believe in decorating tables with small, cute but very elegant artifacts that define the overall look. You can add flares by placing rustic Buddha pieces, dark antique trays, and woody wax candles. Not only does this look attractive to your eyes, it also calms your senses while giving you a more pleasing atmosphere.

Royal table decoration

3. Color blocked furniture

The eye-catching color-blocked vintage wooden furniture can enhance the appearance of the entire space. All you have to do is choose colors wisely and never go outboard because of its sleek and clean look. You can choose a dark color for your vintage sofa while mixing it with the soft tones of your cupboard. Enjoy the atmosphere with winding wooden chairs and coffee tables of the same color. Always choose similar design patterns to avoid visual confusion.

Color block furniture

4. Colorful vintage decoration

Outdated wall art with textured finishes is all the rage these days! You can buy according to the color of your home and unplannedly fix them to the wall, otherwise complementing the touch of color and personality in dull areas. Themes can be mixed and matched with other posters and residential wall art to bring out an eye-catching, aligned arrangement. Repeated motifs combine the overall appearance into a single line and integrate the entire artifact, even if the hues are different.

Same theme decoration

5. Rustic lamps and prints

Think beyond traditional frames and artifacts when it comes to the vintage that accompanies your space. A rustic lamp and a matching rectangular wooden print allow you to glue personal touch tips in unexpected ways. Rustic lamps can be placed on dining tables, coffee tables and side tables and combined with simple forest objects such as cages to shape the overall tone of the room in a more natural way. In addition, a wooden analog clock and dirty lamps on the side table gracefully bring the living room back in time.

Wooden lamp

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