604 Records To Launch NFT Platform

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Give fans new opportunities Experience music and content

Toronto, March 16, 2022 / CNW /-Today, Vancouverbase 604 records Announcement of release 604 Infinite604records.com is an NFT platform that provides fans with a new way to experience their favorite artists.

The highly independent label has a history of embracing technology and is excited to be one of the first Canadian record labels to launch the NFT platform. 604 INFINITE focuses on the label’s diverse music artists, album artwork, and over 20 years of related content. 604 Records released as a self-titled in 2002 Deadman’s theory album.Since then, it has had a lot of success in various genres, including Mariana Trench, Dallas smithColeman Hell, Carly Rae JepsenAnd many others. 604 Records will also collaborate with musicians and artists who are not on the label but want to explore new forms of artistic expression and fan connections through NFTs.

The first drop of 604 INFINITE will come next month and will feature marquee artists from the 604 label. Light Organ Records, Comedy Here Often? , And you’ll see drops from all 604 label groups, including its new ambient label INTRASET.

“What I see with NFTs and blockchain technology is The endless possibilities for artists to express themselves in new and exciting ways, and how fans can experience their favorite artists and music in new ways. ” Jonathan Simkin604 Records President.. “We have found new ways for fans to interact with their favorite artists and recordings, discover new artists, and feel ownership of art, and find ways to bring new life to artwork and music. It also adds a new source of income for artists who are hurt by many due to pandemics. “

The 604’s entry into the NFT space began in 2020 through Visual Artist, one of Simkin’s management clients. Mad Dog Jones.. Maddog was a member of the 604 band Coleman Hell and later moved into the world of visual arts.His NFT work, REPLICATOR, is sold out $ 4 million, Set a record for the best-selling works of art by living Canadians. He also collaborates with producers and DJs. Deadmau5 Above all. Following the success of Mad Dog Jones, Simkin began working with other digital artists, including FVC KRENDER. Victor MosqueraBaeige, Carmilla Sumantry, La + ch, and the label are excited to begin this next phase of NFT creation with music clients.

The 604 is working with Origin to power the NFT drop. Origin aims to make it easier for creators to sell NFTs and for collectors to buy. This is an approach in line with the vision of 604. 604 INFINITE uses a Polygon blockchain framework that uses less power to create NFTs and reduces environmental damage. Also, the cost of the purchaser is lower because the casting cost is lower than usual. “It was important to have a platform that would allow us to sell our products at a reasonable price and in an environmentally friendly way.” Simkin says.

604 INFINITE aims to make art available to fans at an affordable price. The label creates simple how-tos and learning resources for music fans who can be threatened by NFTs and cryptocurrencies. 604INFINITE also accepts credit cards as a payment method.

For more information, please visit: @ 604 INFINITE On Twitter.

About 604 records:

604 Records could be one of the most successful record labels in Canada, But it’s also an independent label in the true sense of the word. With a diverse list and a history of more than 20 years, the 604 has created hit records and has proved its position as a breeding ground for artists to grow at a comfortable pace. The past and present 604 artists are: Theory of a Deadman, Carly Rae JepsenColeman Hell, Mariana Trench, Dallas smith, JoJo Mason, And many others. The 604 is currently a light organ for alternative music, a comedy here of ten for comedy? , Expands to multiple genres under the imprint label of the new ambient / instrumental label Intraset.

In 2015, 604 opened new office and studio facilities in the Railtown area. Vancouver.. The 604 Records building creates a space where artists can meet, grow and work together.It’s a hub of activity for artists VancouverAnd brings together writers, musicians, producers and videographers in state-of-the-art recording and video production and streaming facilities.


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