650,000 People Visit the NFT Winter Festival, Which Is the Largest Exhibition in Korea.


Blockchain company Edenloop has announced a visual loop system for 3DNFT solutions that can be used in the Metaverse and the real economy.

Toronto, Canada, January 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-

The special NFT art exhibition (irreplaceable world) supervised by Canadian company Edenloop Network Inc. (EDENLOOP) with COEX has been successfully completed.

Various digital works were exhibited through “The Frame” of Samsung Electronics, which participated as an official partner.

24 famous domestic artists, more than 50 works of art from NFT, and Samsung Electronics participated in the “COEX NFT Winter Festival” as an official partner company.

It has been going on from December 23rd to December 31st in the past. With about 650,000 visitors during this period, Korea’s position as the largest NFT festival has risen.

Il Kyung, Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Video Display Division, said: We will deliver excellent works of art to our customers. In the rapidly growing NFT digital art market very recently, Samsung’s Lifestyle TV serves as a digital canvas in a great way. “

On the other hand, from 2022, the “Visual Loop” system combined with the 3D WebGL technology owned by Eden Loop was announced. Unlike regular 3D-driven solutions, it was built on a web-based graphics library, making it easy to use multiple platforms without the need for separate plugins.

Based on this, just by linking this service, you can not only create NFTs for 3D and creative works, products, etc. in basic file formats including images, but also video and audio 3D data for users. However, we also provide real-time support even within the currently expanding Metaverse.

An Edenloop representative said: “As an existing large company, we are discussing the direction of continuing business as a real economy and holding an NFT festival globally every year.

Regarding Edenloop’s NFT, we are presenting a vision to ensure that it will take root in the market as a meaningful value that will be utilized and expanded in the Metaverse. And we are pursuing NFTs that can be used in the metaverse and the real economy, including visual elements.

It is established as a system that can make all file formats NFT. And this time, starting with Web3D NFT, which is the domain of specialists, we will digitize everything in the real world. And we need to lay the groundwork for becoming a web3 platform through trading on Edenloop. “

Website: https: //edenloop.net/

CONTACT: Name: James Organization: EDENLOOP Network. Inc. Phone: + 82 1899 6397


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