£740,000 painting is ruined after security guard draws eyes on faceless figures at Russian gallery


A painting worth £ 740,000 was destroyed after “boring” guards turned to the faceless figures in the artwork of the Russian gallery.

On the first day of work, the guards drew two pairs of eyes with a ballpoint pen on the painting of artist Anna Reporskaya’s “Three People” (1932-1934) at the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg. I did. Western Russia.

The Yeltsin Center said in a statement that the painting, though unnamed, had been tampered with by a supposedly 60-year-old security guard who worked for a private security company.

Original: Painting by artist Anna Leporskaya’s “Three Figures” (1932–1934)

The picture was smeared by a guard who added two sets of eyes to the picture

The picture was smeared by a guard who added two sets of eyes to the picture

Two visitors enjoying an art exhibition called “The World as Non-Objective”. The “Birth of New Art” at the Yeltsin Center discovered extra details in two of the three figures in the paintings of the 1930s on December 7, last year, the Art newspaper reports.

The painting, lent by the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, was damaged by security guards after being said to be bored on the first day. Since then he has been fired.

The identities of the suspects were only revealed as security guards by the Yeltsin Center, but they did not appoint workers.

The work was sent to a gallery in Moscow the next day for inspection by an art restorer.

Police are now in the process of investigating vandalism, with a £ 395 (Rusus 74.9 million) diet and a one-year corrective labor sentence.

According to the Tretyakov Gallery restoration experts, the painting has been restored and can be removed without long-term damage to the artwork.

The cost of damage and repair of the painting is estimated at £ 2,470 (250,000 rubles).

The value of this painting is unknown, but it was insured by an alpha insurance company for £ 740,000 (74.9 million rubles).

There are reports that the company where the guards worked is paying for the restoration.

Born in 1900 and died in 1982 at the age of 82, the artist Reporskaya was a student of the famous avant-garde Russian artist Kazimir Malevich. She also collaborated with other avant-garde artists, including Nikolai Suetin and Lev Yudin.

She is mainly known as a master of artistic porcelain. In addition to the Tretyakov Gallery, her work is widely represented in the collection of the Russian Museum.

The damage to the painting is estimated at 250,000 rubles (2,470 pounds).

The value of this painting is unknown, but it was insured by Alpha Insurance Company for £ 74.9m (£ 740,000).

The company is responsible for the restoration costs.

The Yeltsin Center said in a statement released Tuesday: Yeltsin Center security activities.

Recall the world as’non-objective’during the exhibition’s demonstration on December 7, 2021. The “Birth of New Art” in the Yeltsin Center’s art gallery suffered from the paintings of Anna Leporskaya’s “Three People” (1932-1934) from the Tretyakov Gallery collection.

“The damage was done with a ballpoint pen.”

The center added: ‘The work was inspected the next day by a restorer at the Tretyakov Gallery and sent to Moscow. According to experts, the painting has been restored and the damage can be removed without affecting the work of art.

“Because of the ongoing internal investigation of the case and communication with law enforcement agencies, the Yeltsin Center declined to comment on enthusiastic tracking of the situation.”



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