8 Beautiful Biophilic Interiors That Bring The Outside In

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8 Beautiful Biophilic Interiors That Bring The Outside In

Dunelm / Habitat

What is biophilic design, you ask? In a nutshell, it connects us (and our home) to the natural world, with a focus on bringing elements of nature into our spaces to improve our health, productivity and happiness.

Nature is both overtly referenced (through green and natural materials) and subtly referenced (with organic silhouettes and tactile finishes). Think a nature-inspired color palette, plenty of natural daylight, as well as ample wood, rattan and jute home furnishings. When decorating your home, prioritize creating open, airy spaces with bright neutral wall colors (like white) and finish off as much as possible.

The idea is to create a soothing space that combats stress and encourages creativity. Biophilic design aims to minimize the barrier between the outside and inside world to enhance both our physical and mental well-being.

Stephen R. Kellert, author of Biophilic design: The theory, science and practice of bringing buildings to lifeexplains biophilic design as: ‘An approach that promotes beneficial contact between people and nature in modern buildings and landscapes.’

With that in mind, we’ve compiled eight inspiring biophilic interiors to inspire your next home entertainment project.

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1. Light and airy dining spaces

This open plan kitchen/dining room ticks all the biophilic boxes. It has lots of natural light, planet-friendly materials (wood, leather and rattan) and plenty of greenery.

Image: Furniture at Dunelm



Wood And Braided Leather Sofa


£296.80 (30% off)

2. A mixture of biophilic and contemporary elements

Biophilic interiors can be made more contemporary by drawing on other design trends such as minimalism. Instead of filling every empty space, choose your homeware carefully for a modern, curated look.

Image: Mia Scatterback Sofa, M&S



Large rattan framed mirror

The tactile elements of materials such as rattan, wood and jute are what give biophilic interiors such a relaxed feel. You can go as heavy on texture as you like by combining multiple finishes in one space, or use a single highly textured piece as an accent.

Image: Furniture and accessories at Habitat



Tayla Acacia Wood Dining Table in Natural

4. Houseplants are a must

You can’t bring the outside in without a healthy dose of greenery. Easy-care houseplants will look good in just about any room of the house.

Image: Akemi Planter, Ivyline



Sansevieria trifasciata var. laurentii

5. Combine biophilic and Scandi influences

Biophilic influences are the perfect match for modern Scandi design. Why not combine the nature-inspired element of the former with the clean, striking lines of the latter?

Image: VB2 Small Petra Sofa, Nest


Cult Furniture

Nashville Armchair

6. Use neutrals as a base

Neutrals – like cream, brown and white – give you a great canvas to build the rest of your biophilic interior. These shades play into a natural color palette, plus they’re extremely versatile. Even better, they increase the sense of space and help reflect natural light for an airy feel.

Image: Bedroom furniture at John Lewis



Halle Striped Tassel Toss Cream

7. Informed, nature-inspired shades

Given the amount of wood seen in biophilic interiors, it makes sense to choose homewares and decor in shades that blend seamlessly. Pair the earth tones of wooden furniture with subtle shades of beige, taupe, terracotta and green to achieve a put-together finish.

Image: Dining room, Marks & Spencer



Stoneware Candlestick

Curved silhouettes and circular design play well in biophilic interiors, thanks to their organically inspired shape. Stay away from anything too rigid, formal or loud.

Image: Furniture at Habitat



Marte Lounge Rattan & Wood Chair


£263.00 (20% off)

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