80/35 adds a photography fellowship this year to help young photographers bridge the experience gap

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Jason Smith / Little Village

Young people between the ages of 16 and 21 have the opportunity to take pictures of this year’s 80/35 Music Festival and experience the pictures for free with a reputed mentor. This new fellowship offers more than an opportunity to learn how to operate the camera. Stakeholders can access information on workshops, mentorship, and how to get into the space to get opportunities and advice on copywriting and photo finance, while capturing the photos that are published.

Jo Allen — By the favor of the artist

Jo Allen, owner of Jo Visuals LLC and creative director of 80/35, brought the idea of ​​a photo fellowship to the festival leadership in December 2021.

“I’ve never had a relationship with 80/35. I’m essentially the individual who pitched it. Can I create some sort of photography program to attract kids?” I made a suggestion. — My goal is to fill that gap for them. 80/35 is on one side of the bridge and the kids are on the other side, but the bridge isn’t destroyed, I want to build it for them, “Allen said.

“The unique thing about this is that they shoot the festival,” continued Allen. “For the five years I’ve been taking pictures, I’ve been begging people to enter such a space most of the time here. To enter Wooly’s, to enter 80/35, to enter 515 I’m just a young kid. I need a way to step into the door. It was never an opportunity for me. It wasn’t possible until now five years later and I Are considered well-established photographers and can enter those physical spaces, “says Allen.

80/35 Emerging Young Photographer — Jo Allen / 80/35

Allen’s own photography experience led to some detailed questions.

“Why are there such restrictions?” They began to ask. “Why do we already have a barrier to making it difficult and complicated for those who need experience but can’t get it because it’s not established? Publications and bands? If you keep doing things where you need to be able to shoot with, youth will never be able to step into the door and start it and follow their passion. ” Said.

There is a gap in the world of photography, but Allen strongly feels that things will change.

“You’re going into that space. You’ll be treated like a photographer, like a creative, because it’s what you deserve,” they said.

Allen believes that photography is important for making memories. Without a particular photo, many memories will be lost and will be forgotten forever.

“I think it goes back to a kind of documentation sensation. It’s very important to be able to grow up and see yourself, see someone like you or someone like you-photos are documents, but spaces. They claim their visible rights as well as the people of the community left out of society. “

They want to keep making connections with photography.

“It has evolved into a passion today not only to continue the document, but also to continue it for historically underrated groups. The crossroads of my identity are both blacks and queers. I know I’ve never grown up looking at people like me. To be honest, I don’t even know that there are so many black people in Iowa until I attended a black-centric event the other day. It was, “Allen said.

A flyer detailing the fellowship of emerging young photographers — Jo Allen / 80/35

“With this camera, you can now record black heritage, black history, black success, queer success, and queer joy, so you can not only find ways to expand your community, but also take advantage of them. I think it’s something I’ve learned to really appreciate. It’s a physical photo that records and represents not only their lives, but their history with the community. “

The deadline for applying for 80/35 Emerging Young Photography is March 21st.

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