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NFT avatars are slowly becoming trendsetters these days. Some people see it mysteriously, but those who support it continue to move towards the NFT market in search of more.

Some NFTs cost millions of dollars and this idea doesn’t sound appealing to anyone but enthusiasts, so we’re avoiding the NFT market. Fortunately, NFT avatar makers like 8biticon allow beginners to start from scratch and create their own art.

The meaning of NFT you need to know

But anyway, what is an NFT? What is the topic of NFT avatars? Why are people crazy about digital art?

For starters, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and “non-fungible” means that this particular token or art is a unique identifier that cannot be duplicated. In the Metaverse, NFT avatars represent you in virtual space.

8 Bichikon

(Photo: 8biticon)

At the same time, NFTs can also see, like digital art, artifacts, their rights, and all of them that you can create yourself or buy from someone and own entirely.

Well, here people scratch their heads. Being digital, anyone can take pictures of the most expensive NFTs and store them in a local gallery.

The truth is that anyone can get a copy of the NFT. However, only one person owns the original artwork, and only one can classify it as an “asset” for future sale.

How to create an NFT

By experiencing the entire test of NFT avatars, if you don’t already have one, suppose you have a sudden interest in owning an avatar. Finding the price of an NFT may not be ideal to be intriguing. Thankfully, there is an NFT avatar constructor named 8biticon.

8 Bichikon

(Photo: 8biticon)

8 Bichikon

8biticon is the most iconic pixel art avatar maker on the web with NFT automatic mining. This NFT Avatar Maker also has an insane community airdrop with legendary attributes. It also features mutual integration with Opensea and other groundbreaking suspects.

With a limit of 11,111 unique NFT avatars, you can transcend the most hyped in the NFT market.

Long before Zuckerberg raised the Metaverse hype, 8biticon has been creating pixel art avatars, the literal OGNFT pixel art maker, since 2012. With 8biticon, you can combine their heritage and ideas to create the coolest NFT collections.

8 Bichikon

(Photo: 8biticon)


  • Easily create pixel NFT avatars On the web using the most iconic NFT Pixel Art Maker

  • Ann Extensive selection of design attributesDivided by RARITY

  • Automatic casting For your NFT crypto art

  • Community airdrop Legendary attributes At an insane speed

  • Mutual integration with Opensea Not just other groundbreaking NFT marketplaces

  • Total 11,111 unique NFT avatars Allowed

At a new stage in the history of websites, 8biticon keeps things simple with new applications. To use 8biticon, connect your Metamask wallet or another Web3 wallet.

You can design your own 8-bit style avatar by choosing from thousands of common, unusual, ultra-rare, or unique elements. It will certainly be the coolest, hiptest and crazy avatar you’ve ever seen.

8 Bichikon

(Photo: 8biticon)

If the selected element is unique, the casting cost will be high. It’s important to stay in the loop as you’ll get these elements for free when you attend community events and airdrops.

Once your design is complete, send us a pixel avatar and approve the casting fee. The NFT creation process is automatic. This means that as soon as you’re happy with your design, you’ll see a new shiny NFT avatar in your Ethereum wallet.

In other words, with just a few clicks, you can easily monetize your digital art on the most populous NFT marketplaces such as Opensea with cool NFT avatars.

In addition, there are only 11,111 NFTs created with 8biticon, so you will own part of history. Yours is a living work like Goldberg and Flegal who helped pioneers of pixel art.

8 Bichikon

(Photo: 8biticon)

Strong Points

  • Easy to use and navigate

  • Create NFT avatars on the most popular NFT marketplaces

  • Featuring a unique pixelated NFT art website

  • Automatic minting for a simpler process

  • 11,111 unique NFT avatars

  • Wide selection of selectable attributes


Well, it’s not the last, but definitely the last venture, so your next step is to decide what you want to do with your hot NFT collection. Do you sell on Opensea or other NFT marketplaces using automated listing tools?

Perhaps you want to show off your collection all over the world? Or did you decide to store it permanently in your Ethereum wallet? Whatever it is, 8biticon allows you to control your NFT avatar.

How to make NFT art

If you can’t help scrolling through the NFT marketplace and feeling out of place due to lack of creativity, the 8bit icon is for you.

8biticon provides the tools you need to create your own NFT avatar using a well-tested web application. So you don’t have to sprinkle creativity, as 8biticon will do the job for you. In addition, the platform offers airdrops of rare and super rare elements as well as community contests.

8 Bichikon

(Photo: 8biticon)

In addition, it provides access to top NFT collections and creates a secure environment for community members to hang out and talk about the latest news.

Most importantly, it’s not just about creating NFT avatars. Also, sign up for 8biticon and you’ll receive endless perks and perks. The chance to create art in the groundbreaking NFT Marketplace is a plus!

Join the growing community of 8biticon now and create the hottest NFT collection ever! Don’t forget to stay in touch with them for future updates.





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