9 Christmas gift items you can buy to support local artisans

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These UAE-based artists offer a variety of Christmas-themed decorations and gifts, including candles, coasters, and camel figures.
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“This season is hilarious, far la la la, la la la la …” – This sweet melody has begun to make a round on the playlist this month. Michael Bublé was thawed while we were talking (as the famous meme goes), and shimmering bursts of red, green and gold decorations now grace the familiar space. A big banquet with perfectly cooked turkey and fruitcake is in the works.

As your special celebration approaches, if you’re looking for a gift for your loved one, here are some gift and decoration options you can buy to support the UAE’s local artisan community. “This is also the season for sustainable gifting practices.

1. Inara candle

Made from pure vegan soy wax, these environmentally friendly candles are housed in an aesthetic stand, which is actually recycled construction waste collected in the UAE, making it a great gift for everyone. Inara is a zero waste brand based in the United Arab Emirates, offering handmade candles and soaps. Candle stand colors include blue, brown, and gray, with scents such as midnight jasmine, varispa, green tea, havana, and mysole. There is also a special limited edition hand-painted Christmas candle. You can also buy a candle making kit.

Their festive season offer includes 50% off many candles. So with Dh25 you can put some candles in your bag. They can be purchased on their website.

2. Celebration cushion cover by Soulart

UAE-based licensed artist Sayli Panse, who specializes in acrylic, mixed media and watercolors, offers Christmas-themed Dh45-65 cushion covers. These include silver sequins on red cushions and an abstract Christmas tree with a cream-colored cover. It is sourced from the Sharjah market and hand-sewn locally.

You can buy this by sending a message to the artist on Instagram and you have the option of cash on delivery or bank transfer.

3. Body butter with three flowers

This UAE-based Natural Vegan Zero Waste brand focuses on handmade soaps and offers body creams made exclusively from butter, essential oils and other natural ingredients. The fragrant shea whipped body butter or cocoa mousse cream comes in a twisted glass jar and is suitable for winter skin care.

Prices range from Dh40 to Dh45. These items can be purchased from their website.

Four Flowers by Darilla Ben Sheriff will be on display at the Mall of the Emirates Winter Wonderland daily from 10am to 10pm until December 25th, with a pop-up store in the ripe market of the Academy Park.

4. Christmas coaster by Suzy.B art

These handmade wooden coasters in carved wooden boxes feature a decorated Christmas tree and smiley Santa. Great for warm pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate moments in winter. They are by Dubai-based artist Susie B., who creates handmade wall art and functional artwork inspired by Lebanese tradition.

The price is Dh185 for 4 sets and can be purchased at the Expo2020 Lebanon Pavilion store or website.

5. Santa’s camel by Handmade by Afiya

A mix of Christmas traditions and the beloved heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Made from recycled papier mache, these local festive Santa camel figures serve as seasonal decorations with a local atmosphere. Made by Afiya, an online craft store run by United Arab Emirates artist Afiya Vaseem, it has a variety of prints including Christmas trees, holly nuts, colorful wrapped gifts, gingerbread man, snowflakes and more.

Papier mache is made of recycled paper and is locally procured.

Prices range from Dh49 to Dh79 on her website and include free delivery anywhere in the UAE.

6. Handmade ceramic star with clay treasure

These snowflakes and festive pottery stars are by @ treasures.in.clay, an artist based in the United Arab Emirates who specializes in pottery, quoits and handmade pottery.

Prices range from Dh35 to Dh45, depending on size, with shades of yellow, blue and red. You can contact the artist on Instagram to purchase.

7. Snowflake winter tray by Dubaijo

These striking blue snowflake pattern stoneware platters made by British mosaics and ceramist Joanna Fletcher brighten the perfect festive feast for the Christmas side, such as mince pies and these traditional Linzer cookies. increase.

These are sold on the Dh120. You can contact the artist on Instagram to purchase.

8. Christmas wall hangings by JJCrafts DXB

This UAE-based artist will use putty to recycle the foam boards used to sign UAE hotel events and offer custom festoon Christmas boards for this festive season. And berries, and painted canvas.

Prices start from Dh40-50, except for multiple sets, which can be purchased by contacting the artist directly on Instagram.

9. Christmas-themed mask by Jessica Lily Handmade

As always, safety is paramount. This Christmas, you can wear a festive mask (more than a surgical mask if needed) to best complement the Christmas jumper. These masks are offered in patterns such as candy cane, snowflakes on a red background, snowman, fir tree and are handmade by Jessica Lilly, a handmade clothing brand designed by the UK and based in Dubai. The fabric is locally procured and the mask is made by Jessica.

They can be purchased online at the website for the price of Dh25 per mask.

If you want to buy more such gifts, don’t miss these markets displaying products made by local artists in the United Arab Emirates. The quick list is as follows:

• • Ripe marketSprings Souk (Friday 10 am-10pm), Academy Park (Friday 9 am-9pm, Saturday 10am), a community market for artists and small businesses based in the Arab Emirates. Held weekly at Festival City (Sunday to Saturday at 4pm), from 9pm to 9pm. –10 pm).

• If you want to do Christmas shopping online, Saffron souq Is an online creative community and a local market where you can find a variety of handmade crafts and ornaments in the UAE.

•• Mumsbuzzar Is also an online platform for UAE Munplaners, where you can find a variety of handmade products such as festive crochet decorations and hand-carved wooden items.

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