92nd Street Y is uptown NYC’s hit parade

92nd Street Y is uptown NYC’s hit parade

Heading into its 150th year is NYC’s 92nd Street Y. Attorney CEO Seth Pinsky says, “We’re open 24 hours a day. Offers art, dance classes, music classes. Children to seniors’ programs. We handle 2,000 young people for city camps. Hundreds of seniors in person and online for fine arts, ceramics, jewelry. A round table with professors, world chefs, Pulitzer winners, jazz stars, star chefs and Hollywood personalities.

“Actor Zero Mostel learned painting here. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lectured here. Emma Lazarus wrote the Statue of Liberty poem and taught English here. Dylan Thomas headlined one of his shows and Truman Capote debuted his ‘In Cold Blood’ here.

“Martha Graham, Paul Taylor, Alvin Ailey started on our stage. We have chefs like James Beard, gen. David Petraeus teaching, Stephen Colbert having a conversation.

“Emphasis is education. Ours is not membership. This is the ability to make donations at certain levels. It is a strong belief in the importance of welcoming another and that we are better off and safer when community bonds are strengthened.

“New York is special. It brings people from all over and forces them to learn to get along with each other. A beehive of energy, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the 92nd Street Y is a distinctly New York institution.

Deep food thoughts

Norman Lear just turned 100. Once, as he and Al Roker were inhaling pastrami at a deli, I remember him saying, “You have to live in the moment. Not longing for the future nor existing in the past. We are on one planet in a universe of billions. The message is: ‘There is something bigger than ourselves.’ “

Colacello discussed being banned from the infamous club this week.
Bob Colacello told The Post’s Cindy Adams about his favorite Studio 54 memories.
Ron Galella Collection via Getty

Canapés from earlier

Continuing great moments: Bob Colacello, Warhol’s no. 1 friend, on his worst Studio 54 memory: “Getting caught making out with boss Steve Rubell’s boyfriend — and then he banned me for a week.”

Best memory? “Seeing Yves Saint Laurent kiss Halston in the basement and Truman Capote saying, ‘You’ve just witnessed a great moment in fashion history.’ “

Aubrey Plaza at San Diego Comic Con 2022.
Cindy Adams thinks Aubrey Plaza’s “Emily the Criminal” is “not exactly a barrel of laughs.”
Getty Images for IMDb

Take screenshots

Forging upward, steaming forward, pushing outward from my two previously great items, now comes Gina Gershon and Aubrey Plaza’s “Emily the Criminal,” where a girl commits crimes to pay off her student loans. Not exactly a barrel of laughs.

Director John Patton Ford says the story is personal. “I graduated with $90,000 in debt. Housing was a crisis. I ended up delivering food and struggling to pay each month – not the principal, just the interest. So I made a millennial ‘Dirty Harry’. In 20 days we did stunts, car chase, COVID, 130 scenes.”

The lightweight parts include poverty, theft, misery.

Park moving

“Dirty Dancing.” Born ’87 in Cannes, won Oscar ’88, starring Jennifer Gray and the late Patrick Swayze, is being celebrated tonight – its 35th anniversary – in Washington Square Park. Lisa, Swayze’s wife of 34 years, will be there. Proceeds from the sales of the film’s music go to the fight against cancer.

New educational toy is underway in DC. Seems a bit too complicated for us chosen ones. The puzzle is designed to help the person adapt to a world of tomorrow. That’s wonderful. But no matter how Pelosi might try to put its disparate parts together — the thing keeps coming out wrong.

Only in Washington, kids, only in Washington.



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