A-asterisk’s skyscraper public baths frame views of bangkok city


Bangkok’s “Pampuri Hot Springs” Resort

Design studio based in Japan and China A-asterisk Completed “Pampuri Onsen” Big bathLocated on the 12th floor of a skyscraper in Bangkok, sea ​​bream.. In this project, the design team focused more on providing unobstructed views of the city than on creating decorative interiors. Avoiding unnecessary details, the interior prioritizes simplicity and invites visitors to a relaxed atmosphere. All images by A-asteriks

Relaxed atmosphere

To create a visual cohesion, the design team installed a tank next to a curtain wall covered with a black color scheme. The glazing of this aluminum frame allows visitors to enjoy stunning views and rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The reflective off-white surface, on the other hand, provides spatial expansion by emphasizing the function of bathing while blurring the limits of the room. To further enhance the experience, when it’s dark, the water surface is illuminated by hidden lights and reflected off the white frame to create an intimate atmosphere.

    Asterisk skyscraper public baths frame the view of the city of Bangkok
Hot spring special room

Overcoming challenges

Structurally, Design team Many technical limitations had to be overcome. The biggest challenge was structural reinforcement to support the weight of the bath. The solution was to reinforce the columns with façade and add cantilever to support the bass. As they said, this technology was based on the fact that there was a plumbing system under the bath and the floor could not be reinforced for the recovery of the client’s future tenant space.

Another challenge they had to deal with was the water system. The existing architecture was designed for use in office buildings. Due to insufficient existing water supply and drainage, we had to drain the water for a long time after business hours. For this reason, the design team evaluated water and drainage time schedules to minimize the number of water tanks. In addition, they designed additional mechanical systems and detailed lighting positions to avoid glare that interferes with the evening outdoor scenery.The view of Bangkok from the bath is a truly unique experience and a symbol of Pampuri “Your optimal self-actualization” concept.. Asterisk skyscraper public baths frame the view of the city of Bangkok


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