A digital version of Banksy’s Aachoo! could be worth $5 million

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Banksy’s street art in Bristol a year ago has become virtual art. It’s worth about $ 5 million in total.

The company that creates and sells NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) has created a complete digital replica of “Aachoo!”. Artwork drawn by Banksy at the end of last year.

The company then split it into 4,900 individual NFTs and sold them to people who wanted to own a portion of Banksy, albeit in effect.

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The real artwork was painted on the side of the house at the bottom of Veil Street in Totterdown last December, when a woman sneezes and blows her dentures and blows the house above. City.

The painting attracted visitors from all over the country, despite the blockade of Covid at the time, but was eventually robbed by the homeowner. Artwork for collectors.

Currently, a Wolverhampton-based company that specializes in creating NFTs Aachoo! To an irreplaceable token that people can buy some of it. VooVoo said it is an NFT platform with an “exclusively licensed and certified digital collection”, Aachoo! The artwork will form part of a new collection that will be released on January 15th next month.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are a relatively new and controversial development in the virtual world of the Internet.

Fungibility is an economic term that means an asset that is transferable or easily exchangeable, such as a 10-pond banknote. In other words, “non-substitutable” means something that cannot transfer value, such as a house, a painting, or the original handwritten lyrics of a Beatles song. The Mona Lisa can be copied or photographed, but it is an irreplaceable asset as there is only one original Mona Lisa picture.

In the world of the Internet, NFTs are unique digital assets that artificially create the same uniqueness by creating digital certificates that declare something original or unique. Therefore, you can copy a toddler gif in and out of the room and use it for everyone on social media, but anyone who first shoots will register it as their own and get a certificate of ownership. You can create and sell it.

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It could be online artwork, photos, memes, or gifs, and some NFTs are currently selling for millions of dollars, but critics say this phenomenon is just a bubble and others. Say the value can go up or down depending on what people are preparing to pay for it.

Some NFTs by digital artists sell for millions of dollars, but extend to virtual sports “cards” like short video clips and GIFs, and online versions of soccer sticker cards. Earlier this year, a high-tech bunker named Jesse Schwartz paid over $ 200,000 to an NFT for a short video clip where basketball star LeBron James completed a slam dunk during the game.

Will you be Banksy’s “Aachoo!” NFT?

Banksy’s Aachoo !!, works that appeared on the walls of Bristol, Totterdown, and Veil Street, and were subsequently deleted.

According to VooVoo, Banksy’s actual artwork is 5 feet x 8 feet, legally scanned by professional equipment, and digitally divided into 4,900 individual pieces to create a complete digital replica.

“Each part of the wall is unique and owners can enjoy a personal connection to the artwork within the comprehensive structure of collective ownership,” said a VooVoo spokesman.

“Each NFT sells for $ 1,000 and you can buy multiple NFTs per bidder, but because they are randomly assigned, buyers can’t select a section of artwork they own.

“Nevertheless, they receive grid coordinates for purchase with a collector’s card. This is an exact indication of the part of the wall they specifically own. Anyone who has acquired the artwork sector is inevitable. Will have a luxurious and unusual asset that will increase in value and can be resold in the VooVoo market, “the company insisted.

If VooVoo finds enough people to buy all 4,900 virtual scans of Banksy’s Aachoo! For $ 1,000 each, the NFT version of the artwork is worth $ 4.9 million. That’s about £ 3.65 million in British money.

The price paid for the actual physical version of the artwork that was rendered on the sides of the house and painted on the bricks and removed in March of this year is unknown, but Banksy experts say what in works like Aachoo. He said there are collectors who are willing to pay a million dollars! A girl with balloons that appeared in Burton Hill early last year.

Kristian Hindley, VooVoo’s boss, said:

“The collection we are about to launch represents a real opportunity to own a digital piece of Banksy’s acclaimed artwork. To achieve this, we have been chosen by individual owners and on the platform. We are really proud to be able to offer these NFTs.

“This launch is a unique opportunity to bid on both digital image and video NFTs. This is not only an opportunity to own unique art, but also aspiring NFT art investors to invest in crypto and NFT. It is also a chance to start your journey.

“We are excited about the launch in January and will share more details in the near future,” he added.

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