A Frontgate Design Expert And Psychologist Share Tips For Creating The Bedroom Of Your Dreams


The kitchen may be the center of the house, but the bedroom is probably where we spend most of our time, preferably at least 8 hours a day. With a great deal of emphasis on home offices and outdoor spaces for a pandemic, it may be surprising that refreshing a major bedroom will probably be life-changing.

“Reassuring in an intentional and attentive space improves mental health. Whether it’s due to color choices, furniture setup, or how to maintain a room. [through] routine [and/or] Ritual. Space for sleep is yet another expression of the human mind’s desire for control in some way, which is a healthy way to practice environmental control, “said the renowned Mental Health Clinic. Sarah Bitar, MFT of TMS And Brain Health, tells me.

One of the best sources of sophisticated and unique bedroom furniture and accessories is the front gate. Owned by the Qurate Retail Group, the brand has a fast-growing online presence and retail outlets in Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio and Kentucky.

The Importance of Making Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Designing a new bedroom or refreshing an old bedroom isn’t just about finding out which parts fit. It is to create a place that stimulates joy and calm at the same time. “Through the opportunity to create your own environment, you can develop a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that contributes to your mental health,” says Bitter.

Cullen Jones, frontgate merchandising director, suggests choosing a color palette to start the bedroom project. According to Bitar, bright colors are best. “Color psychology is a lens that examines how color affects the human brain, and calm tones such as white and pastel tones can promote calm compared to light and dark tones. It suggests that there is. ”

Most of us may associate a white or light-colored bedroom with sheets, blankets and paint, but Frontgate has light-colored bedroom furniture such as the Westerpark, Hugo, Marion and Etienne collections. There are several lines.

How to choose bedroom furniture

In recent years, standard bedrooms with matching dressers, beds and nightstands have been considered a bit boring. Still, choosing pieces from the same set is the most practical choice. Fortunately, Frontgate makes it easy to find works that are coordinated but don’t look like a catalog or showroom. For example, as you can see in the Marion collection, you can use a coordinated accent table instead of a nightstand to create a hotel-inspired atmosphere.

Another way to mix things up is to choose a bed made of a different material than the rest of the room, such as a metal whitby canopy or a Kendal canopy bed.

“Unless you have a very clear vision, try to steer towards a classic piece that will withstand the challenges of time. Use bedding and accessories to add fashion over time. You can update it, “says Jones.

Second, there is an old saying that size is important. When it comes to bedroom furniture, this is certainly true. For example, if your bedroom is small, oversized and heavy, there is no space benefit. Therefore, it is important to consider the size of the room. “To help size furniture, always start with the floor plan and decide on the bed layout first. It’s usually the biggest piece of room and focus.”

Smaller people should consider the Westpark collection, as the nightstand has an ideal drawer tray for charging the phone and placing the book just before going to bed.

How to make your bedroom an accessory

Choosing the right linen is just as important as choosing a large piece. Bitar says, “Soft bedding, proper mattress hardness, fabric (cooled or organic cotton), [can] Further contributes to sleep quality. “

Egyptian cotton sheets are especially recommended for Jones because they are soft to the touch, breathable and have a large number of threads. “Nothing adds more comfort to your bedroom than adding luxurious linen. Close your eyes and get the most out of it by investing in hotel-quality linen that you don’t want to leave your bed,” she said. say.

Then add a layer with a blanket. “Pile a cozy duvet or duvet with a pillow to make you feel like you’re in the clouds. Use velvet pillows, cashmere throws, and luxurious floor rugs to make the rest of your bedroom. Add a sensual feel to the fabric. ”Cashmiya fringe throws available in several colors are a great discovery that can be easily coordinated with most linens.

Attaching accessories with lots of pillows is another way to make your bed feel as luxurious as possible. Jones explains: “Decorative pillows are uniquely placed to introduce color into the space and change the overall mood and style. If your decoration feels a little flat, the decorative and textured pillows are deep. You can add a layer. “

Plants are another way to create high space and mental state, Bitar says. “The presence of plants can add more life to the bedroom. Some plants suitable for the bedroom are peace lilies, parlor palms, snake plants. Plants are apathetic by purifying the air in the room. And helps get rid of the toxins that cause low energy. “

light up

Lighting is an element of bedroom design and is essential but often overlooked. Jones explains: “It is difficult to exaggerate the effects of lighting to shape the atmosphere (and function) of a room. A floor lamp for lighting or a floor lamp focused on where you might read or work after dark. Add a table lamp. Illuminate the entire room with pendants and chandeliers. For a simple and relaxing atmosphere, consider equipment made from natural materials such as wood and braids. ”

Wall-mounted candle holders are another option that is a chic alternative to traditional lamps. The Axl Swing Arm Wall Sconce is a perfect example of this. The wall-mounted candle holder also expands the wall space and frees up the nightstand space for accessories.

If the bedroom is also a home office

Ideally, the bedroom should only be used for sleep, but nowadays the bedroom should be used as a home office. “Morning and evening routines need hygiene routines in addition to selected wellness practices to encourage the mind to distinguish between productivity / work mental states and relaxation states. Can be included and encourages you to prepare for the transition, “says Bitar.

Another way to create this separation is to use a screen such as the Marion Cane French Room Screen. The screen is not only a great way to physically separate your home office or use it as a stylish zoom background, but it’s also an ideal way to help train your mind to enter productivity mode. I have. “We’ll add a screen or room divider as a visual prompt to transition the bedroom state,” Bitar says. “By engaging in thinking, train your mind to unknowingly engage in this transition over time. When you pull this screen, the work time is … and the relaxation time is …

After all, a beautifully designed bedroom / home office helps us move forward in our daily work.



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