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Home Design decoration A Guide to Historic Restoration

A Guide to Historic Restoration


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Guide to historic restoration

Dive into the architectural styles of five regions around the world and the time, cost and dedication needed to revive them

Restoration of a historic home is a labor of love that some ambitious professionals courageously undertake. Others notice the caretaker by chance, revealing their passion to revive the soul of the property’s rich architectural heritage only after purchase.

Indeed, hobbyists and professional recoverers have no shortage of movements and styles to choose from. Passionate projects were surrounded by clay tiles and stucco Hacienda representing prewar Spanish colonial architecture in Southern California, magnificent Moroccan riads centered around the courtyard, or traditional Korean walls. It extends to the Hanya.

In this five-part series, Mansion Global carries these inhabitants past, sharing stories of time, money, and dedication for restorers from Massachusetts to the English countryside to revive their old homes. Let’s take a look at the historical design.

Clay roof tiles, wood, stucco — owners revive LA’s Spanish colonial homes

Bass red tiled roofs, decorative wrought-iron pieces, colorful tiles, Spanish colonial stucco surfaces-revival-style architecture defines the region of Southern California, especially Los Angeles.…read more

A historic riad hidden in an old medina in Marrakech awaits restoration

The concept of building a house centered around a secret garden dates back thousands of years, but nowhere else was it perfectly designed like North Africa or Al-Andalus in the 12th century.…read more

Hanok: Creating a modern living space in traditional Korean design

In recent years, modern Korean culture has spread to Western countries, introducing flavors, movies, fashion and, of course, pop music from the south of the Korean Peninsula to countless people. What is less familiar to the country’s newly discovered worshipers is its traditional aesthetics, design and architecture.But there are people working to change that…read more

Photo: Dan St. John / Lightshed Photography Studio

Photo: Dan St. John / Lightshed Photography Studio

Respect the history of New England by reviving its magnificent colony

Any home remodeling project may seem daunting for homeowners during a few weeks of remodeling, but for New England historic homekeepers who preserve antique property. Lifelong love labor…read more

A home of British arts and crafts less than 150 years old is a surefire choice for restorers

The Arts and Crafts movement developed in the late 19th century in response to the negative effects of industrialization and mass-produced decorative arts. It was freestyle that defended the small, traditional crafts and the craftsmen who made them (there were no set rules).…read more

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