A Milford paper flower shop fosters a love of crafting with locals


When Anastasia Jackson from Milford made her first paper flower almost five years ago, she didn’t expect it to blossom into business later.

“I was trying to find out what to do when I tend to sit down. I was encouraged by the amount of downtime,” said Jackson, who was recovering from a hip injury in late 2017.

Searching for home crafts using household items on YouTube, she came up with a paper flower tutorial. When she made her first one, she posted a photo of it on Facebook.

After a while, she said her first order for a custom paper flower came from Texas.

Jackson’s paper flower request was picked up and eventually turned into a cookie paper petal.

Paper flowers at Cookie's Paper Petals in Milford.

Shortly before the pandemic began, Jackson decided to take the flower a step further and open a physical store on Front Street Milford.

“I was experiencing a lot at once, my world has collapsed, and that’s what prompted me to pursue storefronts in 2020,” she said. “No matter what happened, I was going to prosper.”

The paper petals of the cookie act as an ode to Jackson’s grandmother. Her grandmother nicknamed her “cookie”. Her grandmother died in 2017 as her business had begun. She said she thought that the use of her nickname attracted more attention and enabled a moving inside story that could be shared with her people.

Paper flowers at Cookie's Paper Petals in Milford.

Today, her paper flowers reach all states of the country, including Trinidad and Tobago and Côte d’Ivoire, and beyond.

Jackson’s Facebook page shows her ordering paper flowers, up-to-date information on upcoming events, weekly live streams, and behind-the-scenes discussions about crafts.

A week ago, Jackson hosted a live stream and prepared an order for California to be used as a background decoration for a customer’s home office.

“The paintings are great, but the paper flowers are like,’Oh, what’s that?'” She said.

Like a regular flower arrangement, paper flowers have a variety of uses, such as centerpieces and corsages, wall decorations and bouquets. Made of paper, tape, wire and glue instead of living flowers, these decorations are easy to maintain, long lasting and cost effective.

Anastasia Jackson, owner of cookie paper petals

Jackson also created a baby shower background for later use in children’s bedrooms, a bouquet of flowers for a bridal party completed as a table centerpiece, and a variety of special designs requested by customers.

At her storefront, you can buy paper flowers, enroll in paper flower making classes, and attend various events.

The business hosts Valentine’s Day events with four different vendors, allowing you to pick up a variety of craft kits, including Valentine’s Day T-shirts, all day long, easily complete them, take them home, and have fun. I did.

View from the maker space above Cookie's Paper Petals in Milford.

“We live in a fast-paced world where everyone wants to grab,” she said. “That’s the great thing about make-up and take.”

Grab and Go events are open during business hours, allowing customers to come to the store and participate in craft exercises at their convenience.

On March 5th, another make-and-take will be held in stores as an early celebration of St. Patrick’s Day with related crafts. One of the hottest instructors is a local vendor that manufactures custom doormats.


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