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Last week, authorities reviewed an updated possible redesign of the Times Arcade Array section of Main Street and Breverd.

On Wednesday afternoon, members of the Downtown Master Plan Committee in Breverd gathered in the city council’s meeting room to discuss the proposal. Last June, the Brevard City Council gradually redesigned the central city space to enhance Brevard’s unique sense of location, enhance downtown mobility, and promote economic development and overall appeal and compelling experiences. For pedestrians, we have adopted an updated Downtown Master Plan and Streetscape Design Project for the purpose of designing.

Design work began on the project in September, and since then Arbor Engineering in Greenville, South Carolina has proposed the possibility of gradual upgrades of major downtown roads and sidewalks. The Commission aims to consider all aesthetic and safety improvements and submit them to the Breverd City Council before the scheduled renovation of the main street in April 2023 begins. Funding for equipment to improve the actual sidewalk.

Additions that may be under consideration include concrete bumpouts at the intersection of Broad Street and Main Street near Transylvania County Hall, and a stamped median strip that acts as a pedestrian crossing in the middle of East Street and Main Street. And downtown areas that include trees compatible with additional street furniture as a barrier to traffic along busy roads.

Design plans that have been discussed with NC Transport Bureau (DOT) staff, local utilities, and downtown business owners and residents are now 60% complete. The actual road width of the main street does not diminish, and architects and engineers are proposing to add paving stones, additional street furniture, and other landscape equipment to the sidewalk.

“Bump-outs, or curb extensions, extend the width of the parking lane at the intersection,” explained Stephanie Livingston, a civil engineer at Arborland Design. “Some of these goals are to expand the pedestrian area at the sidewalk level, reduce the length of the pedestrian crossing in the roadway, and provide greater planter space for a healthier landscape.”

Another potential amenity could be engraved on the Asphalt Central Line in the central lane of Main Street and West Main, similar to the pedestrian crossing on Main Street and Coldwell Street. Livingston said these earlier parts of the existing design plan were 11 feet wide in the central lane and should encourage drivers to be more aware of pedestrians and cyclists using the main street.

Of particular note is Wednesday’s potential restraint on new black steel outdoor stools and benches, which, if selected for the final plan, could complement what already exists in downtown Breverd.

“I need to study a little more, but I think the combination of tables, benches and stools will work,” said Acting Mayor Breverd and Chairman of the Downtown Master Plan Committee, Gayrida Niel. “I like the idea of ​​sitting on a bench or stool along the main street and I really like this look.”

Geraldine Dinkins, a member of the Brevard City Council and a member of the committee, also liked what she saw, but had some reservations.

“Metal is the exterior of the main street,” said Dinkins, referring to painted trash cans and recycling canisters located along the streets of downtown. “I’m worried that there’s too much metal, but it’s like the look we’ve already adopted.”

Times Arcade Array


The Times Arcade Array design work between Jordan Street and Main Street is home to several private apartments and businesses such as Square Route Restaurant and Downtown Chocolate Shop, and is now 90% complete. Suggested improvements to narrow areas of city-owned roads include alley paving, decorative planting, new curb uplift, and the addition of a pedestrian crossing from the edge of the alley to the Jordan Street public parking lot. increase.

“This keeps the sidewalk away from the building and people are concentrated around the area so we can see if a car will come before we walk forward,” Arbor landscape designer Jason Smit told the committee. He told me that he added one parking space along Jordan Street. Lost due to this possible addition. There are also plans for additional signs, water gutters, and lighting to improve safety along the alleys.

The total cost proposed to improve the Times Arcade design, including demolition, field work, utilities, and landscaping, is estimated at $ 682,800. Bumpouts on the Times Arcade Alley portion of the project are estimated to cost $ 35,000, and at least $ 25,000 is recommended for water downspout work to deal with frequent floods in the alleys. ..

Some of that work is potentially privately funded and the rest can be paid in a combination of federal and local dollars.

Interim Mayor Steve Harrell discusses further until the end of the planned all-day strategic planning session of the Breberd City Council on February 23 in the logo room of the Transylvenia County Library, where other budget concerns and demands are considered. Certain design recommendations were not approved on Wednesday because we proposed to do so.



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