A Stylish Art Dealer and a Trip to Italy

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I was flipping through an old Terence Conran book on home decor and came across an interesting opinion. Conran argues that a single lamp or task light is better for reading than an overhead light because “a pool of light gives a comfortable intimacy and enhances concentration.” If so, I suspect that using a very local light source, such as a flashlight or headlamp, will increase the effect of concentration. (I know some people who swear with headlamps when reading — and of course, any child who just reads under a blanket can testify to the effectiveness of a flashlight.)

When you reach the farthest conclusion, you can also try lighting with a laser pointer Only one character at a time While reading, I imagine ophthalmologists would oppose this practice. Are you noisy about setting up your reading light? Please report to [email protected], I can use some fresh ideas.

— —Molly

The book describes its subject, Joseph Duvine, as “the most spectacular art dealer in history.” In addition to that, he was also a nifty financier, fixer, oracle, liar, and social engineer, but perhaps all of these qualities are included in the author’s first declaration. If you like the biography of a genius told in the form of a funny anecdote, this is a volume for you.

The first genius of a British-born dealer was to identify arbitrage opportunities in the second half of the 19th century. Europe was full of art and America was full of people who wanted to buy it. From the age of 17, Duvenen ping-pong between continents, loading one painting and selling it to the other railroad tycoon and the Baron of Oil. He surfed the waves of the economic boom and defeated Kelly Slater’s way of surfing backdoors in a divine omniscient and tremendous style.

My favorite anecdote comes from the second page of the book. When Duveen wanted to discourage the Duke of the High Church from buying religious paintings from rival dealers, the cherubim set depicted in the paintings was casual (and ridiculous) to be “homosexual.” I made a statement. As a result, there was no sale … no such speculation was provided at that time until the painting became owned by Duveen. Scruples: Who needs them in the art world?

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Available from: It’s out of print, so try eBay or try Google’s skills.

Fiction, 1922

Here we have a very sunny novel, so if I were a doctor I would prescribe it for vitamin D deficiency, which is lucky for everyone I don’t. In April, four women rent an Italian medieval castle for a month. Two women, Rose and Lotti, are acquaintances of the church. The other two (widow and social celebrity) are strangers recruited through advertisements posted to reduce the cost of rent. (Rose and Lotti pay a contribution from the “nest eggs”, but the eggs are closer to quail size than emu size.) The medieval Italian castle turned out to be heaven. The scent of freesia fascinates all noses, as the sea shines under the cliffs and the cherry blossoms bloom.

However, the interpersonal landscape is not very harmonious. Socialists are misanthropic. The widow is a moody snob. An elegant turf war breaks out soon: Who Can you control a “good” living room? Who Do you want to conquer a neutral area of ​​the garden? what Will there be any kind of battle following the arrival of foreign enemies? (The foreign enemy is Lotti’s husband.) Will a refreshing holiday move to a blood bath, or will the magic of the castle turn anger into euphoria?

Almost every page of this charmer contains a phrase asking you to duplicate it on the cushion. Imagine the following emerald embroidery surrounded by violet twigs.Things happen very annoyingly. That’s really amazing, how annoying they happen. “

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Available from: Penguin Random House

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