AARP Christmas Light Contest winners announced

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Close-up of the nativity display at Cadle Jensen’s house (photo by MJ Cadle).

The winners of the Ketchikan AARP Christmas Illuminations Contest were announced on Wednesday. Judging in the last few days, homes and businesses have been awarded in 19 categories, including “Most Colorful,” “Best Winter Themes,” “Biggest Christmas Light Display,” and “Most Original.” ..

MJ Cadle and Dave Jensen won the “Best Design” at home. Cadle says he has received prestigious mentions in the past, but this year is the first year they have won.

“I love you. I have to admit. The main reason we do it is because so many people enjoy it. We do it mainly because people do it. It says it really brightens the winter drive all year long, and winning is just an additional perk. “

Cadle says he likes to put small “vignettes” everywhere, not lights or decorations. There is a section of Santa Claus with reindeer, a nativity scene, and a candy cane corner where Cadle is popular with children. This year, she added a section inspired by Washington state glass artist Dale Chihuly.

“It’s a lot of big jewels, and then I made a spire from other jewels on the standing wire. It’s fun to come up with new things and try to change them. It’s my It’s like a winter art project. “

The “most original” display went to Sharon and Danjink. Danzink Sr. says they won in the past and didn’t switch much this year except to replace many burned-out lights.

“We just want a place for people to pass by and notice the lights. We think living by the freeway is what we should do.”

One of the more unique items on display is the helicopter. Although not visible from the highway, he says there is also a village of Nome that takes people on tour. Zink says he received an unexpected gift on Wednesday night.

“Something was hanging on the outside doorknob. Someone stopped by and left a nice note in a small bag thanking for a light and candy kiss. I thought it was really cool now.

In addition to homes and businesses, the awards are given to neighborhoods with the best lighting displays. This year, as before, Tower Road and Canyon Road were selected.

The event was sponsored by IBEW Local 1547 and AARP’s Ketchikan branch. The prize for the winner is the electricity bill.


Below is a complete list of winners and prestigious references.


Best design: MJ Caddle and Dave Jensen. Entrance to Forest Park Road. Judge’s comment: “Cadle Jensens never fails to treat the community with their own light. Good design and color in mind. Trees, Santa, Nativity scenes.”

Most colorful: Sean Conley Residence. 3700 Judicial Court. Judge’s comment: “Thank you-all those icicles around your home. Wood-real and plastic. Snowman-light-covered real plastic is a great pleasure to see every year.”

Most original: Kelly Jenks. 3017 Southton Gas Highway. Judge’s comment: “What a treat! The design, colors, displays, etc. are all there. Thank you! Snowman, sign of great joy and feelings of Christmas.”

Honorable Mention: Jason Colanco. 33 Powerhouse Road.

Ketchikan City

The perfect Christmas for kids displays: Brian Gilson. 3760 Alaska Avenue. Judge’s comment: Really a kid’s choice with Santa, fire trucks and dogs. “

Best winter theme: Edward Graham’s residence. 522 Tower Road.

Largest Christmas light display: John and Linda Gilson. 3857 Fair view. Judge’s comment: “Thank you for putting together a big Christmas theme. Your work and efforts are grateful to our community.”

Areas with the best home lighting displays: Tower road. Canyon road.

The smallest space with the most light: John and Kathy Flora. 1127 Woodland Avenue

Very colorful – mass lighting: Dave Mill’s residence. 823 Harris Street.

North end

Most original: Daniel Zink’s residence. 12807 Northton Gas Highway. Judge’s comment: “Every Christmas season, they come up with something new. Thank you. Thank you.”

Most colorful: Monta Residence.West Mattle Road

Honorable Mention: Cockram dwelling. 5791 Northton Gas Highway.

Commercial business and others

  • Parking lot at Tortambite State Historical Park. 9883N. Tongas Highway.
  • Bar Harbor Ale House. Near Bath 4.
  • Cape Fox Hotel. 800 Venetia Avenue.
  • Orca jewel. 56 Front Street.
  • Monark Jewel. 38 Front Street.

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