Accomplished Artist, Visbii, Launches Revolutionary, Socially Conscious NFT Collection Advocating Mental Well-Being.

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Amber day for humans

Humanian Sneak Peak Gallery

Humanian Sneak Peak Gallery

Socially conscious NFT art

NFT considering human society

The most promising and famous artist to participate in NFTverse this year. Created to bridge the gap between art, utilities and charity.

Retaining Humanian NFTs is not a change in wealth, but a change in our humanity. It’s a flex for everyone who cares for others on this wonderful planet we call home. “

— Amber Day

Denpasar Bali, Bali, Indonesia, March 28, 2022 / creator Amber Day collaborates with NFT studio Odd One Out Labs to create a socially friendly NFT in Ethereum. I created a collection, The Humanians.Blockchain explodes on fast-growing NFTverse twitter We are making the community discord and preparing for the launch at the end of April 2022.

The world of human mania shows the lack of human diversity and the expectation of unrealistic self-image in social and mainstream media, and how this affected people’s mental health, especially the younger generation spending. Increased time online was considered a positive force to make people aware.

Before the motorcycle accident changed her outlook on life, Amber worked primarily as an art director. The result is her passion for her creative process and her willingness to pursue art with deeper meaning and social significance. “I’ve always seen art as an extension of artists, a window to their messy minds, and an opportunity to show people what the world looks like through a new perspective,” she says. increase. She forever explores her inner world of healing potential through emotions, mental states, hardships, struggles, and art.

Humanian-Preparing to be one of the top NFTs to mint in 2022.

“The idea of ​​body shape has always fascinated me. I believe that the work I create is a way to explore and see how far the limits of what society considers normal can be pushed.” Amber says.

With a client list and press releases that include everyone from The Wall Street Journal, Guardian, GQ to Womenswear Daily, Amber’s global perspective is seen in the style and proportions of the characters she creates. Amber uses vibrant illustrations with enormous personalities, unique shapes, and beautiful habits of the human body to create an extraordinary comprehensive world, Humania, prepared for coining at the end of April 2022. doing.

“Holding a Humanian NFT is not a change in wealth, but a change in our humanity. For all those who care for others on this wonderful planet we call home, it is a change.” Said Amberday.

Amber said: “Humania empowers everyone to make a difference both offline and online. We work internationally with charities and foundations to raise awareness. Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) And other people affected by mental health problems. ”

20% of mint sales and secondary sales will be donated to the Body Dysmorphic Disability Foundation and Be Well Collective, as well as various other purposes selected by Humanian community NFT owners. Pave the way for real impact on NFT spaces and communities.

“Humania empowers communities to make a difference not only in the digital world, but in the real world,” says Amber.

“My obsession has led me around the world in search of a true manufacturer and shaker in the industry. To work with the dynamic team of OddOne Out Labs to fight body perfectionism and inspire oneself. We have launched a unique illustration project created. We discover, accept and encourage artists, creators and society to embrace their humanity, “says Amber.

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Meet the artist, Visbii’s Amber Day


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