Actor Alexx Ekubo Takes Possession of New Smart Home, Shares Captivating Video of Luxurious Interior Designs

Actor Alexx Ekubo Takes Possession of New Smart Home, Shares Captivating Video of Luxurious Interior Designs
  • Nollywood actor Alex Ekbo is the owner of a new smart home on August 1, with gorgeous interiors
  • The actor shared a video showing the complete internal design of the gigantic structure while thanking God for his new gift
  • Many of the actor’s fans and followers who saw the video wrote him congratulatory messages and couldn’t help but welcome him back.

August 2022 begins in a new dimension with Nollywood star Alex Ekbo getting a new smart home.

The excited actor shared a video of his gorgeous interior design new home on his social media timeline.

Alex Ekubo shared a photo of his new home. Credit: @alxxekubo
Source: Instagram

In a short caption, Alex also added that she thanked and thanked God for her new gift.

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Sharing the video, he wrote:

“New month, new home. Thank you Lord for your new gifts. Thank you.”

See the video below.

Fans celebrate Alex Ekbo’s new home We’ve captured some of the messages from the actor’s fans and followers.


“Congratulations, Chief Ikukuniem.”

Official Elmsty:

“Congratulations, more prizes to everyone who typed congratulations.”


“It is an almighty celebration. The weight of God’s glory and the honor of His presence overshadow your life, and the earth proves that your new dawn is here. Cheers to your new season.”


“Well done to this girl, Miss Kai. And congratulations to Chief Ikuku…”

Bavarex 0:

“Congratulations onii-chan… ikuquat”

Kayode Peters 1:

“Congratulations. This is sweet.”


“No wonder Fancy Wang gave us a word. Congrats Boss ❤️..”

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Nelson 6131:

“This is top notch.. bro.. any baby that comes to your house, please don’t come to pack her stuff.”

Alex Ekbo celebrates Easter on the world’s largest cruise ship

Nollywood actor Alex Ekbo has sent many of his fans and followers into a frenzy after sharing some photos from his cruise ship.

In a statement, the actor thanked God for the opportunity given him and revealed that he had always wanted to be on a cruise ship.

The Nollywood actor shared the photo on Instagram and wrote:

“I have always wanted to sail around the world on a cruise ship, but now I am sailing to new countries on #WonderOfTheSeas, the world’s largest cruise ship. My God, I am blessed.Which country do you think I will wake up in?♂️ Happy Easter.



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