Aesthetic room decor ideas to revamp your interiors in a DIY way


Restore the lost glory of your room with aesthetic room decoration ideas. Now you can master the art of interior design with decorative items in trendy DIY rooms sitting at home. From living room decorations to trendy teen room decorations, you’ll find everything under one roof. Aesthetic room decorations bring out positive, calm and happy feelings. All cozy room decorations bring warmth and reflect your standard of living. Aesthetic room decoration design is a way of expressing how you think and perceive the real world. They portray what you are, so you can remodel your living room, bedroom or drawing room in your way. Check out some DIY room decoration items you need at the moment.

Here is a brief description of the aesthetic room decoration idea:

1.1. Item of decoration on the wall of the wooden cave for the living room

This wooden cave needs to upgrade the living room decoration. Modern yet unobtrusive, it comes in sets of six. It is intended to be wall mounted and comes with screws and wall plugs that need to be secured to the shelves. These display cubes complement the story of home decor and feature empty walls. This is one of the easy-to-use room decoration designs that requires minimal installation work.

Price: Rupee 2499

Transaction: Rupee 1100

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2.2. Kayra decoration latest forest tree wall design stencil

This wall design stencil is a DIY aesthetic room decoration idea. All you have to do is place the stencil and stick the corners on the wall to prevent the stencil from moving while painting. The wall design picture sheet is long lasting and reusable. The easy application and removal features of the decorative items in this room will not damage the paint on the walls. It is one of the trendy yet cute room decoration ideas that you will love after purchase.


Price: Rupee 2999

Transaction: Rupee 1499

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3.3. Wembley self-adhesive wallpaper

this Self-adhesive wallpaper 3D foam panel wall sticker. These self-adhesive wall stickers add a creative element to a dull wall. They are water resistant, highly elastic and easy to clean wallpapers. The 3D pattern is carefully engraved on the wallpaper with an adhesive layer on the back. Believe it or not, these sticky wallpapers are the best aesthetic room decorations you can take home for a hassle-free home renovation.


Price: Rupee 3999

Transaction: Rupee 1375

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4.4. Iron cycle wall hanging for a book

This aesthetic room decoration item can add a little fresh flair to your room. It is a beautiful style wall decoration that exhales visual dimensions and depth with its detailed design and crafts. The iron metal and cycle construction has a used gold finish on the basket. The overall wall hanging creates an elegant and modern sculpture that can be easily attached to the wall. It can be hung using mounting brackets. What a unique decoration to style your home!


Price: Rupee 3999

Transaction: Rupee 1525

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5.5. Blissby plastic solid curtain

These sturdy curtains are the perfect arched transparent shiny beads. This simple DIY room decoration consists of high quality glass drops and is easy to install. How to assemble? This sturdy curtain is offered in sets of 10. Each string is numbered in turn. Nylon strap fasteners help secure each string with a rod. If you are thinking of the best aesthetic room decoration ideas that will not resist buying these curtains. They are very attractive room decoration items and are perfect for living room, open kitchen, or porch partition space.


Price: Rupee 950

Transaction: Rupee 699

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6.6. Aesthetic wall collage kit of boho people

This wall collage kit contains 50 pieces. They are sticky peel and stick papers with beautiful pictures and inspiring quotes. Cardstock paper no longer asks you to bother to decide on a cute room decoration idea. These wall stickers leave no residue and do not damage walls, mirrors or windows when you remove them. They are water resistant and more environmentally friendly than vinyl wall prints and decals. These posters for room decoration are loved by the majority of eccentric wanderers.


Price: Rupee 999

Transaction: Rupee 629

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7. Promixo Flexible Mirror Sheet

This mirror sheet is an adhesive mirror sheet made of high quality plastic. They are very suitable for modern and aesthetic home decor ideas. They are easy and convenient to install and offer higher viscosities. They don’t fall. These mirror wall stickers can be applied to smooth and clean surfaces.


Price: Rupee 599

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8.8. Acco & deco Hexagonal Wall Shelf

These wall shelves are display racks for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. They have a glossy finish texture and an aesthetic atmosphere for the highest modernity. It enhances and decorates the empty wall space with our modern style and finish. Each shelf set comes with three unique hexagons that stop the search. Aesthetic room decoration ideas.


Price: Rupee 3000

Transaction: Rupee 1149

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Your hunt to complete the best aesthetic room decoration idea is over. Guarantee these DIY room decoration items and express your personality in the trendiest way. In today’s era, you will be able to captivate your guests with your creative skills and modern lifestyle. These aesthetic room decoration items not only bring a positive and fresh atmosphere, but also enhance the mood at home.

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