AI Art Site Uses ChatGPT Technology to Create Nearly 4,000 Unique Poems and Songs

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AI Art Site Uses ChatGPT Technology to Create Nearly 4,000 Unique Poems and Songs

SAN DIEGO, January 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, an art website specializing in AI wall art, is setting a new standard for art creation using ChatGPT technology. The site has now added nearly 4,000 unique poems and songs to its site.

According to website owner Jeff Ganim“ChatGPT technology allows us to create art at scale. For each of our products, we generate a unique AI poem or song based on the medium it’s available on (eg framed print vs. canvas print). This is quite fascinating that AI can create high-quality poetry that rhymes.”

Each of the AI ​​poems and songs is written in the voice of a different historical figure, chosen based on the individual artwork. This helps create the unique voice and tone that each poem and song has. Additionally, integrates AI into every step of the process. First, an AI program is used to create the art. Then another AI program views the image and writes a description. After this, GPT3, the technology that powers ChatGPT, writes a professional title for the artwork and one poem for each medium it is available on.

Although AI technology may be seen by some as a negative force, Ganim believes that its use has many benefits. “If we didn’t have the ability to create all these poems with AI, it’s not like we’re going to hire a poet to write a poem for each of our product descriptions. However, because we can create them at scale, people can experience the poetic arts in a place they wouldn’t have before. AI means art can be everywhere.”

He continued, “It’s exciting and fascinating how AI can be used to create art at scale. But AI doesn’t do everything by itself; it requires human creativity, both to create the incentive for each piece of art, and to fine-tune – set the AI ​​program to get the desired results. AI technology has opened up exciting new possibilities for art. The question is, will we explore, will we embark on this exciting journey? Or will we be too attached to the way things have been done in the past and miss out on the new frontier of art?”

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