Alabama Mural Trail reaches across the Tennessee Valley

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Huntsville, Alabama – Called Public Art. And here in northern Alabama there is a lot to explore. You can say what was written on the wall. Or in this case, art for the general public to enjoy. “Everyone wants to take a selfie in front of a mural or wing, or in front of a big sign that says Welcome to Huntsville,” Erin Hackenmueller explained.

From Shoals to Sand Mountain, public art is emerging in the northern Alabama community. Colorful pieces are a way to attract attention and create excitement in our towns and towns. They are also becoming a recruitment tool for tourism throughout the state. “We really want to encourage people to go to new places and explore places they may not have before,” added Erin Hackenmueller.

Erin is a researcher at the University of Alabama Center for Economic Development. She is part of the team that created the Alabama Mural Trail. “I really hope that both locals in Alabama and people across the United States will find this and encourage people to visit places they might not normally go to,” Erin told me. ..

Northern Alabama is well represented on the mural trail. “Now you can find all the counties in northern Alabama on our website, and Jefferson County has just been launched,” she said. “We’re working slowly and we’re adding murals to our site. The heart of Alabama is coming soon,” Erin said.

Photographer John Darsham hit the road and photographed a portion of the mural painting of the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association. There are 67 counties in Alabama. Nine of them have no murals listed on the trail yet. But the group is looking. “We want to make the murals beautiful. We don’t want anything that has faded and grown too large and isn’t really taken care of,” Erin said.

There are guidelines for cutting. “I want to publish the murals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don’t want the murals on the roof because I want the murals to be human-height, so someone can stand in front of them and take pictures.” Erin said.

Long before I learned about the Alabama Mural Trail, I took a picture of the mural next to the Florara building. If you see it while you’re on the road, the Tuscaloosa people want to hear from you. “If someone is traveling to Alabama and sees a mural, they can definitely post it on social media,” Erin said with a smile.

In that case, tag the Alabama mural trail with @alabamatourist and #sweethomemurals. “If people do, they tag us and use hashtags. We want to repost it to our social media accounts,” Erin added.

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