Alexandria Photographer Daniel Horowitz Named Official Festival Artist for National Bell Festival

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Self-portrait Daniel Horowitz (provided by photographer)

Alexandria, Virginia – The ringing of the bell quickly fills the air. At 2:00 pm on New Year’s Day, the 3rd National Bell Festival will be held to encourage harmony through the music of bells nationwide. You are invited to attend churches, cathedrals, parks and monuments. Individuals are also welcome.

Alexandria-based photographer Daniel Horowitz was named the official festival artist for 2022.

What is the purpose of the official festival artist? Zebra contacted Paul Ash, director of the National Bell Festival, for an explanation.

“Every year, our official festival artists help bring the beauty of the bells closer to people by introducing them as true works of art,” he said. “Whether it’s oil paints, watercolors, photography, digital illustrations, or any other medium, official festival artists visually capture what everyone is listening to. It’s a wonderful sound of the new year.”

To interpret the bell as an art, Horowitz chose a still image of the Netherlands’ Carrion, a 127-foot-high bell tower in Arlington, a gift from the Netherlands after World War II. Designed by Dutch architect Joost WC Boks and dedicated to May 1960, this landmark includes one recently installed to honor Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Elanol Roosevelt, and Secretary George C. Marshall. There are 52 bells. It is currently undergoing refurbishment and will be reused in early 2022.

Arlington’s Netherlands Carillon has been restored and a bell has been added

Horowitz said he “told Zebra” when asked about his reaction to being selected as an official festival artist. I’ve always loved bells, bell towers and the sound of bells, so I was excited to be selected as a 2022 festival artist. In addition, the Netherlands Carillon photo is arguably one of my favorites in 2021. “

The image of Horowitz, entitled “Moonlight, Carillon, The Netherlands” will appear on the cover of the official festival guide. A limited edition of 50 copies will be available and the funds raised will help restore the bells and bell towers across the United States.

“Netherlands Carillon, Moonlight” by Daniel Horowitz (Provided by Photographer)

The photo is a 6 minute exposure taken at Harvest Moon in September. At the time of shooting, I used a tripod heavy with sandbags and exposed the image for the exact time. That night, the sky broke the cloud cover, and clouds were drifting past the tower during the exposure.

The photographer shared in this image, “The pillow-like shape of the moving clouds seems to emphasize the geometric rigidity of the bell tower, which appears to be very quiet and elastic.” did. “Moonlight brings many subtle reflections on the sides of the tower, which are less perceptible during the day.”

Horowitz received photography training at the Art League School, Rhode Island Design School, Massachusetts, and the Capital Photography Center. His work has been published in Zebra, Alexandria Times, and the Journal of the Navy History Society. It is exhibited in various parts of the city, including the Alexandria Black History Museum, Athena Eum, and the Art League Gallery.

The Honor of the Official Festival Artist is one of the best he has received in photography. (A print of his photo will be given to the Dutch ambassador to commemorate this historic event and the restoration of the tower.)

“It’s great to have something positive like the Bell Festival in the midst of a pandemic right now. I’m proud to contribute as much as I can to that effort.”

(Note: Are you interested in buying images? Horowitz plans to sell the remaining copies of 50 special limited editions on the Etsy site

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