All Eyes on INX Color Perfection Program at Craft Brewers Conference in Minnesota

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All Eyes on INX Color Perfection Program at Craft Brewers Conference in Minnesota

Schaumburg, IL – INX International Ink Co. will focus on the exclusive INX Color Perfection Program for beverage can design and decoration at the Craft Brewers Conference May 2-5. Held at the Minneapolis Convention Center (Booth #327), the event is a great opportunity to elevate the status of INX Color Perfection. It is the industry’s first and best true color standard and has been proven to reduce lead times and bring printed cans to market faster.

Sarah Jacks, manager of INX Color Perfection, noted that the Cleveland craft brewer recently used the program to create an award-winning can design, and she will be meeting attendees at the INX booth.

“Great Lakes Brewing Co. was selected as the winner of our Colored By INX Can Design competition last year. They used several colors from the INX Color Perfection program to create a unique look for their new Crushworthy Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat beer Design. It gives them a quick and accurate method of color selection, as well as a cost-effective method of color management to help them get their products to market faster. I hear they are doing well with their sales.”

Jacks further explained the value of using the INX Color Perfection program to simplify and standardize the color process. It starts with the INX 2-Pack Color Catalog, which includes over 600 removable metallic swatches and the corresponding Adobe™ digital color library. Digital proofing offers the opportunity to make single or multiple digital prints, and INX University offers free online metal decorating education courses to improve your skills.

Officials at Great Lakes Brewing Co. agree that the program is very beneficial to them.

“The INX color catalog was critical to creating a consistent visual harmony between all of our packaging and promotional needs,” said Jameson Campbell, creative lead for the Great Lake design team. “Using it allows us to synchronize can and packaging production, which not only improves the design process from a consistency standpoint, but also provides an efficient approval process for our suppliers. Every time we launch a new brand or new packaging, it will provide us with important results that are impactful and expressive.”

Craft brewers interested in winning this year’s INX Can Design Coloring Award must act fast. The competition is open to anyone with a commercial can design made using the INX colour catalogue and placed on the market by January 1, 2022. Entries must be postmarked by April 29, and information on full contest rules is available online.

To learn more about INX’s Color Perfection Program, visit booth #327 at the show.

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