All Fired Up: Carey Lowell on Ceramics

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Carey Lowell, who just bought a house at Sag Harbor, is currently working in a studio in the north.

The Western metaphor for women and aging is not great. However, in Chinese culture it is believed that women of a certain age enter what is called the “second spring”, an era of great wisdom, freedom and creativity. When a lot of feminine possibilities blossom and creative ambitions blossom.

Former model Bond girl and “Low & Order” actor Carey Lowell seems to have entered her second spring. Lowell, 60, added a potter to her resume.

At a recent holiday art market attended by local artisans in Sag Harbor’s church, Lowell stood behind a homemade pottery table. Her range of functional and decorative pottery includes vases, bowls, candle holders, sculptures, mainly made of neutral shades and gold and some black dashes. All works are irresistibly tactile, with holes and ridges, or small, almost hidden, shiny hearts.

There is also a clear appreciation for nature. The petals are characterized by a unique decorative burst. It’s all feminine in nature, but strong. Her work is rustic, offering a subdued counterbalance not only to the digital and tired tech-centric world, but also to the more colorful ceramics that are in vogue these days.

“I like something really calm and simple, so I want to make it smaller. I like the quietness of it,” she said.

Lowell first dug into pottery in high school. Born in Huntington, from Long Island, she traveled around the world with her family until she settled in Colorado at the age of 12.

“Pottery was part of my public high school art class,” she recently said of Zoom. “We had all these wheels. That was what I always wanted to do.” Her passion lasted for a year at the University of Colorado. “They also had wheels in the basement of my dorm in Boulder,” she said.

However, she was introduced to pottery only after she moved to New York City, married actor Griffin Dunne in the late 1980s, and had a daughter, Hannah.

“I was looking for something to ask Hannah to do. She was two at the time. And I went to the Children’s Support Association on Sullivan Street, where they prepared a small class. And I took her there. When I picked her up, I would think, “This is a little cool.” “There she started taking adult classes there, later at Greenwich House, an art school in Greenwich Village.

She is famous for marrying Richard Gere in 2002 after her son was born in 2000. At that time, she was an acting, mother, and hobbyist potter. However, in 2013, the collection was sold at Barneys New York, Madison Avenue’s iconic luxury department store, which closed in 2020.

When Lowell and Gia divorced in 2015, the couple sold their home in North Haven. Now, Lowell is returning to the area after buying a Sag Harbor home that he wants to move to by next summer.

“I always love the light there and I love the water,” she said from the north, where she has lived for several years. “When you live in water, you become a kind of temptation with it. So I really wanted to find something on the water, and I did. I’m excited. I found a small little place to do. It’s not big, but it has a view. “

More importantly, she said there was a basement, which would be her ceramic studio. Currently, dealing with clay seems to be her focus.

“I love the basic elements of it: water, fire, and the earth. It seems so primitive so that you can take it in and create whatever you feel you have to create. “She said she would get her hands dirty with clay. “I mainly work with porcelain just because I really like color, translucency and thinness. But stone tools and pottery are coarser and more sandy, so I want to make some kind of stone tools and pottery. I think. It’s much more elastic. It’s awkward, so it can be scaled up. There’s a lot to learn and there’s no end. ”

Small lots of pottery suddenly became an art accessory of today, reflecting our desire to widely reject factory-made identities in tableware and vases and return to the more basic. The forced blockade of pandemics and social isolation over the last 18 months has also caused a surge in production. An American stuck at home without worrying about traveling, commuting, or eating out, became obsessed with DIY and turned home-baking, knitting, pottery, and other once modest hobbies into a booming trade.

According to financial reports released by Etsy, an e-commerce brand focused on handmade or vintage items, the company’s revenue more than doubled to a record $ 1.7 billion in 2020. As Vogue states, “pottery is a new yoga.”

Lowell confirms this by comparing the process of throwing clay to “the creative energy that goes through you. When your creative juice is flowing, you can really lose yourself.” did.

She uses organic forms to get inspiration, she said. “I made some big squash casts with really long necks. I love playing with various iterations of it. Sometimes I don’t pour the mold completely. I only have a small neck Or sometimes I take it, carve it to the top and then carve it, “she explained.

She said she remained open to acting, but she admitted that age discrimination among female actors was a long-standing Hollywood problem. So, for now, she said she was happy to take the malleable clay and mold it into a functional and decorative object with her own hands.

“It’s under my control. I can decide what I do, when I do it, and how I do it,” she said. “So, in that respect, I’m autonomous. Meanwhile, when I’m playing, I hire someone, give me a line to read, and how they shoot it. I’m waiting for you to tell me what you want. The autonomy of ceramics has improved significantly. I’m really grateful. “

Her work will be on sale at Sag Harbor in 1818 Collective, a Madison Street design shop that will open pretty well next spring.

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