All of the New York City Locations BTS’ RM Visited During His 2021 Vacation

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BTS’s RM is once again away from Namjun. Rappers stopped by the Guggenheim Museum, MET and other iconic New York art exhibitions and galleries. Here you will find most of the museums and iconic places that RM visited while in New York City.

Members of BTS, including RM, embarked on their second vacation since their debut.

BTS’s RM will speak with other members of the band at the SDG Moment Event as part of a general debate at the 76th UN Headquarters of the UN General Assembly. John Angelilo via Getty Images / AFP

HYBE Corporation will share work from 2020 to 2021 with BTS members taking a break from rehearsal to “recharge” following the dance permit performance at SoFi Stadium, “achieving dazzling results” in the process. Announced that it was done.

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