ALL THAT INSPIRES: 38-y-o using art to motivate, bring change rural Ja


38-year-old Damian Cunningham has no formal education in art, but residents of his community at Point Hill in St. Catherine said that when he paints, he is another art in the world. I am confident that it will produce works that are comparable to homes.

Many who know him believe that it’s only a matter of time before Cunningham’s work puts him in the international scene.

But until that happens, and because his community is so far away from many of the more popular towns, the artist says that the inhabitants have a unique ability to bring his art to life. Make a difference and place his rural community, Point Hill in St. Catherine, on the map.

“I have been painting since 2003. He specializes in painting old houses, still lifes, people, landscapes and dramatic scenes, “says Cunningham.

He emphasizes that he does not enjoy rushing his work and explains that sometimes it takes about three weeks to complete the painting.

Talking to Loop News on Friday, Cunningham revealed that he realized he was passionate about painting at a gentle age.

He has no formal education in art, but creates designs that continue to exceed expectations.

Cunningham, a former student at Point Hill Elementary and Junior High School, took his abilities seriously until 2003 and decided to pursue art as a viable career option a year later. In doing so, he chose acrylic and canvas as the medium of expression.

“The feedback since then is pretty good,” said the artist when asked about the reception of his work.

“As long as the photos are clean enough, I paint from the references like the photos … people say they look like real photos and look incredible ..” Cunningham Added.

Over the years, residents of St. Catherine have attended several art events and his work has been exhibited in several galleries in Jamaica. He currently relies on using his social media pages and websites to display his work.

Some of his clients are tourists and locals.

However, there are some challenges he faces when creating his work, such as the high cost of purchasing the materials to complete the work.

“… Materials are expensive. Paint tubes are like $ 3,000 or $ 4,000. It all depends on the brand.

“A roll of canvas is like (between $ 11,000 and $ 15,000), it all depends on the brand,” he disclosed.

Despite these obstacles, Cunningham is not discouraged from producing a work that catches the eye of Dr. Christopher Tuffton, Minister of Health and Welfare, who recently shared stories with social media followers and artists.

Meanwhile, for those interested in art, Cunningham advises them to make sure they have a passion for their crafts.

“For example, you need to be passionate because many people are interested mainly because of money, but unlike areas where you can make quick money on a regular basis. It definitely requires passion and affection. ”

In the Point Hill community of St. Catherine, Cunningham conveys his knowledge to those who are interested.

“I used to follow me and draw pictures, but some are looking for fast money and not, but people are still interested, so I’ll show you,” he said. Said.

In the meantime, Cunningham acknowledges that he needs marketing support “to reach more overseas clients, not just art collectors”.

To that end, one can contact him via social media. Damian R on Facebook. You can contact Cunningham and on Instagram you can contact damian.cunningham.946.

His website is

Anyone interested in purchasing his work can also contact him at 876-315-3513.


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