Allow acceptance, without encouragement, of LGBTQ movement

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Allow acceptance, without encouragement, of LGBTQ movement

Need LGBTQ education, not censorship

Bravo on the Jan. 1 Herald-Tribune editorial, “It’s Time to End Harmful Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric.”

Opinion:End anti-LGBTQ rhetoric across Florida

Florida is walking dangerously close to the Dark Ages when it comes to LGBTQ propaganda. People fear what they don’t understand. So, we need more education, not censorship.

Governor Ron DeSantis abuses the power of Florida’s governorship in several areas in which he is inexperienced and/or ignorant. Let teachers teach. Let doctors, doctor. Let parents of each category do what they believe is in the best interest of their children.

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Resist fear-mongering about things that are not yet well understood.Karle Murdock, Sarasota

Acceptance, not encouragement

Opinion editor Roger Brown, in his Jan. 1 editorial, exhorts us to end “anti-LGBTQ” rhetoric while detailing, among other things, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ drag queen investigations (“It’s time to end harmful anti-LGBTQ rhetoric “). .

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