Amity Street Residence is a “minimal but warm” New York apartment

Amity Street Residence is a

Interior design studios Rawan Muqaddas and Selma Akkari have renovated an apartment in a 20th-century building in Brooklyn, New York, adding warmth and natural materials to the residential space.

Located on the fourth floor of a 1910 stone building, Amity Street Residence overlooks a quiet but central corner of the city at the intersection of Amity Street and Clinton Street.

Amity Street Residence has been refurbished into studio apartments.Photo by Clement Pascal

New York studio Selma Akkari has teamed up with London studio Rawan Muqqadas to design the 1,400-square-foot interiors that have been transformed from “neglected” apartments to warm-toned spaces.

As part of the renovation, the studio rearranged the rooms to create space for an additional third bedroom if needed.

Kitchen with Stone Island
Rawan Muqaddas collaborates with Selma Akkari for warm interiors

“A dialogue of opposites is the theme behind the creation; simple but warm, understated but rich,” said Rawan Muqaddas, founder of the studio of the same name, Rawan Muqaddas.

“We wanted to preserve the essence of the 1910 building by reinterpreting the original traditional details, which we are delighted to be able to build upon,” she told Dezeen.

“The previous owners of this apartment have called it their home for decades, leaving layers of history and neglect.”

Inside the restaurant at Amity Street Residence
Stained oak shelves line the back of the dining area

Two studios have transformed a single-level apartment into an open-plan living, kitchen and dining area. Some original features, such as decorative cornices and bold baseboards, are preserved.

The living space now has views across the street from two large bay windows that were previously blocked.

Cream sofa in front of bay window
Cream paint lines the walls.Photo by Clement Pascal

“The first thing that caught our attention was the 30-foot apartment frontage, made up of the width of two bay windows,” recalls Mukadas.

“For now, the windows feel shy and hidden; we wanted to do the opposite and celebrate the curve.”

Living room at Amity Street Residence
Large bay window in focus

The floor of the apartment is clad in warm wood, while the walls are painted in a creamy neutral. Several modern chairs frame the windows, allowing residents to enjoy street views.

Selma Akkari, founder of Selma Akkari, said: “Warm tones were used to unify the space through soft oak floors, cream walls contrasting with dark stone and stained wood inlay shelves.”

The designer says the study is located at the back of the room and can easily be replaced with a third bedroom if necessary.

The studio also retained the apartment’s curved interior arches that run through its core. These openings help create a sense of space.

“In order to encourage a dialogue between interior and exterior, we wanted to bring the historic curved façade into the curved interior arch,” Akkari told Dezeen.

“That was the guiding theme throughout: opening up the front area as living and dining space, and dedicating quieter areas to the more private spaces at the back.”

Beige room with desk by Rawan Muqqaddas
Apartment with oak floors

The apartment now has an airy aluminium kitchen with an island and a long marble shelf in place of overhead storage.

“We really like the contrasting and unexpected colours and textures, especially the brushed metal counters topped with textured marble and dark smoked oak shelving in the background,” says Akkari.

A bedroom in a New York apartment
The same warm palette continues in the bedroom.Photo by Clement Pascal

The warm material palette continues in the master and secondary bedrooms, where the same floors and beige furniture can be found.

More Brooklyn interiors include a townhouse with a dramatic staircase by New York studio Space4Architecture, and a family-friendly townhouse called Bed-Stuy by Brooklyn studio Civilian.

Photography is by Sean Davidson unless otherwise stated.


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