An all-season tent design inspired by Iceland

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All-season tent design inspired by the history of Icelandic shelters

The four-person weathering tent was created by Icelandic outerwear brand 66 ° North in collaboration with German camping equipment innovator Heimplanet.

Preparations for a visit to Iceland would not be complete without the gear of Iceland’s traditional outerwear brand 66 North. Originally founded in 1926 to dress fishermen as well as the North Atlantic search and rescue team. From wool base layers to waterproof jackets, 66 North’s series of cold weather staples has become essential to combat the extreme climate of Iceland.

Tent design by 66 North and Heimplanet

Accepting the extremes takes on new meaning in the latest release of 66 North. This is a tent created in collaboration with German camping equipment innovator Heimplanet, marking the first foray outside of clothing. Its geodesic dome structure is characteristic of Heimplanet’s existing The Cave tent. Boasting an inflatable framework, the tent’s reinforced construction, built at 10 intersections, harmonizes with high-quality weathering materials that withstand wind, snow and rain.

In collaboration with 66 North, a bright orange shade has been shown. This is a reference to traditional emergency shelters throughout Iceland and is large enough to accommodate up to 4 people. You can easily inflate a spacious tent in less than a minute with a single pump. This means that for both adventurers and nature lovers, setting up a base camp will be less painful throughout the four seasons.

Benjamin Hardman, the photographer and outdoor man who took these pictures, was actively involved in the development of this collaboration. He states: With this in mind, I had the dream of building a weatherable version of the cave in Iceland. In other countries, it can take a year to experience the four seasons, but here you can see it all in one day. A four-season cave with a fully weatherable construction, a wider floor plan of camera gear, and space for a team of two or three can further enhance your camping experience in the highlands.

He continues. “We spent some time brainstorming with the team at 66 ° north to explore the history of Icelandic shelters. The storm is so strong that the building can literally move off the foundation. So, especially in remote areas all over the country, a storm shelter is a must. I noticed a common thread, an eye-catching orange appearance among the shelters. Hornbic in the Hornstrandia Nature Reserve. There is something special on the coast of Iceland, which contrasts with the shades of green summer and the vast valleys of pure white snow in winter. Regardless of the season, you will always find it. “§

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