Anand Mahindra’s hilarious tweet about Arnold Schwarzenegger with a desi twist blows away internet


Tagging the wall art with “Great Indian Funnel,” Mahindra wrote in the caption:

Image: Twitter / @ anandmahindra

The businessman Anand Mahindra is famous for his witty and insightful posts on social media. There is no difference this time as well.

In his latest post, the Mahindra Group CEO shared a photo of a wall graffiti depicting Australian-American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger with the former Governor of California. Art presents the pumped-up body of Schwarzenegger, a professional bodybuilder who has won seven Olympias.

But the most interesting but cheerful part was the words written under the graffiti. In the photo, you can see the actor’s name with a deci twist. The artist changed his name in Hindi, suggesting “Arnold Subhashnagar”.

Mahindra, who tagged Wall Art as “Great Indian Funnel,” wrote in the caption: We accept the whole world. And why could he be called Mr. Subhash Nagar, and why did he try to pronounce “Schwarzenegger” so hard? The Digireference was not overlooked by Mahindra followers.

Since it was uploaded on June 16th, the photo has received over 11,000 likes. People responded with some funny Indianized names of Western stars. A Bangalore user suggested another version of Schwarzenegger, saying, “In Bangalore, he is Arnold Shivajinaga.”

Another user said, “This is the limit of Indianization. I have read the story of James Bond’s Indianized Marathi as” Janu Bande. ” He also appreciated the artist for his graffiti. “I take off my hat to an artist who painted Arnold with a few brushes.” One recalled his childhood and wrote, “We used to say’scavengers’ when we were students.”

This isn’t the only post by Anand Mahindra that has been a hot topic recently. The businessman shared a video of a colorful scooter on a petrol pump. The two-wheeled vehicle, decorated with flashy objects such as beads and lights, received a lot of attention online.
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