Annual Christmas postmark now offered at Santa Claus, Indiana post office

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Santa Claus, Indiana (WEHT) Many people decorate Christmas trees and the outside of their homes, while others travel to Santa Claus, Indiana to decorate their mail.

Starting today, you can get your annual Christmas postmark at your local post office.

One of the things you need before you mail your Christmas card is a postmark. Here in Santa Claus, the Santa Claus postmark, which began to be used today, not only sends that email, but also draws people into the spirit of the holidays.

“It’s a tradition,” said Marcia Blankenship in Evansville.

It’s an annual tradition for some.

“Every year, we bring stamps to our Christmas cards and mail them,” Blankenship said.

For others it is worth the trip that takes several hours.

“I’ve been driving for almost three hours,” said Ren McCulloch, who drove from Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

“About 115 miles,” said Jim Harness of Crawford County, Illinois.

Everything to get a special postmark at this special time.

“I do it every year,” said Cheryl Bailey, postmaster of the USPS branch of Santa Claus.

“Everyone likes it. It’s rare. Not many people take the time to do this. People in town are lucky to be here. For us living outside the town It’s unique, “said Harness.

The Santa Claus Postmark has been issued at the post office for nearly 40 years, with up to 500,000 mails delivered in December.

“People not only come and run the distance, but also mail the cards, so they receive 20-30 packages a day filled with Christmas cards that are already postmarked and for those people. We will postmark it. It is also available from abroad, “says Bailey.

This year’s postmark was designed by a recent graduate of Heritage Hills High School as part of an annual school contest.

“Oh, I love this year’s design. I was talking pretty. It feels very festive,” said Jill Heseman of Evansville.

Postmarks also bring special memories to some email senders.

“There’s Santa Claus and all the trees, and you can remember the Christmas past when you went to Grandma’s house. If you come here and get a postmark, that memory will disappear again,” McCulloch recalled. ..

Santa Claus postmarks are now available at the post office until Christmas Eve.

(This story was originally published on December 1, 2021)

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