Anyma releases ‘Angel 1’ NFT in collaboration with Innellea & Web3 artists

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Anima, a pioneering musical concept inspired by Tale of Us’ Matteo Milleri, is the latest work in the anthology “Angel 1” of the Anima project, with the impression that it is a visionary melodic techno cohort, Inerea. I’m back with a traditional collaboration.

Promote his foundation of relations with the Italians Super rare Chief Curator Alessio Devecki Who Anyma Project Visual Director, Sharing Responsibilities Matteo For the aesthetics of a visionary project. 3D artist Philip HodasTechnical director AnymaAlso contributes to this NFT Previously pioneered release NFT Eva 0 For the release of AnymaMilestone trackrunning‘Foot. Meg Myers.. Expand the network of artists participating in the project Angel 1 See Berlin-based visual artists Adam Pristar Participate in the fold Anyma NFT Also a collaborator of guest artists.

The latest audiovisual project to be released on March 18, 2022 is Tail of ass‘Set as a groundbreaking event World after death Sao Paulo 2022. Both the song itself and the visual accompaniment quickly caught the attention of both the audience and the audience.

Angel 1‘Indicates another installment payment for the set of audiovisual artwork that makes up the identity of the project.The single release features the best audio engineering innovations illustrated by both production capabilities. Anyma When Ricerea Known for its carefully selected music space.

50% of the record usage fee Angel 1Audio Streaming and DSP revenues will be awarded to purchasers of NFT releases. Canon Kuspect The contract will be integrated into the original contract ERC-721NFT contractProvides the advantage of unlimited file size for artwork and streamlines the distribution of music usage fees. NFT Automatically the owner.

Angel 1‘mark AnymaThe fourth full installment payment in the release rollout of the project so far, following the two tracks’running‘EP special feature Meg Myers3 track EP’Claire‘And’ 4-track original debutSensitivity‘.

Taking advantage of the immense potential of extended reality Anyma Create your own universal language, bring artists and spectators closer, and blur the line between reality and hyperreality. The result is an interactive space that understands human expressiveness and creativity through analysis of souls and emotions and formulates itself as a journey of discovery.

AnymaFirst official release in 2022, and first official collaboration with Ricerea,’Angel 1‘Is a collaborative effort of two visionary underground electronic talents with pioneering visualizations created by some of the best art-driven creators. NFT It works.

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