Apartment kitchen ideas to make the most of a tiny space


The idea of ​​an apartment kitchen offers a lot of charm, but whether it’s part of a small side, an unconventional shape, or a larger open plan room, they’re often a bit annoying space. .. They can be difficult to get right.

And it is very important that you make this room correct, and there are few areas in our home that require much attention, such as the mind and soul of the home, and social hotspots. What we have found is that the best apartment kitchen is the balance between maximizing the available space and creating a kitchen that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

By creatively thinking about how to make the most of the floor plan and using the countertop and wall space, you can make the most of it even in the kitchen of a small apartment and turn it into a space where you can enjoy cooking and socializing. increase. A petite galley kitchen, or just one wall in an open-plan apartment, brings together ideas for a small kitchen that maximizes storage and efficiency, and shows what you can create regardless of what you’re doing.

Inspiring apartment kitchen ideas

1. Fool your eyes with rosy shades

(Image credit: Pluck)

This small but beautiful pink kitchen renovation by Pluck gets soaked in color and creates a sense of space in the kitchen of a dense apartment.


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