Apple design chief talks MacBook Air midnight color inspiration, more

Apple design chief talks MacBook Air midnight color inspiration, more

The new M2 MacBook Air will be available this Friday. Redesigned for the first time in years, this machine is inspired a lot by the second generation Apple Silicone and the 2021 MacBook Pro. In a new interview, Apple’s Vice President of Industrial Design, Evans Hankey, talks about the new MacBook Air and its development.

For GQ Magazine UK, Hanky ​​reveals the inspiration behind the new midnight colors on the MacBook Air. It was initially rumored that this machine would have as many new colors as the M1 iMac, but everyone knows that Apple focused only on one new subdued color, midnight. increase.

“So one came from the volcanic rock basalt,” says Hanky. “Do you know this rock? My father was a geologist.”

Evans Hankey will continue to be responsible for Apple’s product design after Jonathan Ive left Apple in 2019. Although the deal with Cupertino has just ended, it’s important to emphasize how Hanky ​​was deeply involved in all the products Apple has released since then.

Although it’s a workload to compare her to “drinking from the fire department,” Air’s redesign was a unique challenge, given its vast portfolio of responsibilities. “This was the first time we tried to do a product family together,” she says. “I didn’t design the Air alone, but in parallel with the MacBook Pro.”

In the above quote, it’s important to make sure that Apple makes the notebook language more similar. The new MacBook Air doesn’t have a miniLED display or ProMotion technology, but it does have a notch to accommodate the new 1080p camera. Apart from the Thunderbolt port, Apple has also added a MagSafe charger to your computer. Unlike the M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pro, the new fanless-designed Air model has a battery life of up to 18 hours and lasts as long as previous iterations.

Hanky ​​and Kate Burgeron, Vice President of Hardware Engineering, talks about how the MacBook Air has always been revolutionary since Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air in 2008.

“It’s always been a bit provocative product,” says Hanky, Apple’s vice president of industrial design. “The first MacBook Air started in the studio when we assembled the display housing from what we thought was a PowerBook at the time.”

“Looking back, the product was changing the world in the sense of shape, but it wasn’t a computer for everyone,” says Bergeron. “It was a computer for people like’I absolutely need portability’.”

The MacBook Air used to be just for portability, but now it has all the features most people need for their computers. With eternal batteries, powerful chips, and beautiful designs, it makes sense why people are already facing shipping delays during the pre-order period.

You can read the full interview here. Are you excited about the new MacBook Air? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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