AR art in Penang, P2E game for kids, metaverse ads


Earlier, we covered a lot of news about nature-related NFTs that occurred. They include a joint ape project by Katun and a new marketplace to go live soon.

Today, new and familiar projects are starting to take shape, and I can confidently say that the Malaysian NFT scene is becoming more exciting.

AR Art Exhibition in Penang

Penang has always been known to me as one of Malaysia’s more artistic states with an emphasis on heritage.

Perhaps when you think of this island, you can think of the infamous “waiting rickshaw” mural in Georgetown. The street that depicts the life of Penangite is, after all, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today, Penang’s creative community seems to be bringing that art into the digital realm. Hin Bus Depot introduced the Augmented Reality (AR) NFT Exhibition in the gallery and event space.

Image Credit: Aboud Fares

This exhibition, called NOW, was presented by Aboud Fares. He is a Syrian-born Penang-based sculptor who exhibits 3D works created using VR headsets and modeling software.

AR engravings can be viewed using the Perk Reality app by scanning the QR code scattered throughout the gallery. Featured sculptures can be purchased from OpenSea in NFT format or from the Aboud Fares page on the Perk Reality website.

Image Credit: Aboud Fares

NOW will be open to visitors from February 11th to 27th.

The idea of ​​opening a completely AR-based exhibition to the public sounds like a cool idea, but admits that it’s far from the experience of viewing and appreciating physical art.

Those who still enjoy visiting traditional art galleries may find that the scene of visitors standing around the gallery closes their eyes a little sadly to see the work. ..

Image Credit: Aboud Fares

However, this is an effort to bring physical artwork into the digital realm, allowing viewers to enjoy the interactive elements of their work rather than displaying it in 2D on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

As mixed reality (MR) media becomes more common, it is probably our responsibility to get used to these new experiences.

Do you remember MegaBabyVerse?

Image Credit: OVR Token X Network

As a quick review, I previously reported on a Malaysian Metaverse project called MegaBabyVerse being developed by the OVR Token X Network. Basically, every building in a virtual city has a unit sold as an NFT.

So far, the team reports that MegaBabyVerse is 80% ready and generally leases units for virtual properties. Now, the general public can also explore.

When you enter MegaBabyVerse, first stop at OVR City Center to check out OVR Hospital, OVR Hotel, VI-Residence, OVR VI-Mall and more.

If you browse OVR VI-Mall, you will find that some stores, such as 101 Stella Healthy & Beauty and Cubienet, are already occupied by tenants.

Here you will find external links to shop contact details and a shopping cart icon that leads to the OVR Marketplace for purchasing featured items for sale at these shops.

The placement of businesses in MegaBabyVerse malls is reminiscent of the advertising space sold in magazines and billboards. You can’t find much information exactly inside the virtual store itself, but you can access them through external links.

The same may apply to hotels promoting packages at OVR hotels, as well as private clinics and professionals promoting services at OVR hospitals.

As it is still in its infancy, this is just the beginning of more opportunities to create increasingly interactive spaces within the Metaverse. One day, like IRL, I was able to shop directly from a virtual store.

P2E games for kids

As we know, there are no Malaysian Play-to-Earn (P2E) games on the market yet.

The Center Of Digital Assets Malaysia (CODAM) plans to launch a P2E game for children as a school vacation program. Simply put, CODAM aims to educate Malaysians on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and digital asset management. These goals also permeate through P2E games.

Image Credit: Malaysia Digital Asset Center

The school holiday program is divided into two groups for elementary and junior high school students who are already interested in games.

A CODAM representative told the Vulcan Post on the phone that the project aims to provide high school students with opportunities for future careers in blockchain technology and digital assets.

Representatives were able to make fun of their game being similar to road blocking (moving a car to get another car out) or a particular PS5 game. CODAM will only reveal details at the official launch on March 5, 2022.

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