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nth time, what is NFT?

Despite being added to many explainers, Clubhouse chat rooms, and dictionaries, the concept of non-fungible tokens remains elusive to many. And now Wikipedia is involved.

In a vote on January 12, the editors of the online encyclopedia decided to separate the artwork sold at the Crypto Art Auction site from the artwork sold at existing auction houses or for private sale. Did. The editor, who holds the handle “jonas,” outlines the conundrum as follows: It’s a lot easier, “he insisted on the discussion page about voting. “There is another problem with NFT’s anthropogenic price inflation, which needs to be determined on the NFT list, not here.”

Some editors voted against making a crack in Art Canon. “If Beeple and Pak agree to be artists, why aren’t their sales on this list?” I created an editor that identifies them as Silicon Red. “I don’t understand the logic here.”

“Art Emergency”

Despite the spectacular sales of some NFTs, many art critics are unfriendly to digital creators and blame the decline in NFTs as advertising stunts, money laundering schemes, or simply inferior. doing. Wikipedia’s vote is a bigger debate about whether crypto art should be classified as art.

As a result, this decision has helped defenders of crypto art. Duncan Cock Foster, who co-founded the NFT art sales platform Nifty Gateway, called this blunder.Art emergency.. In many tweets, Foster explained how important Wikipedia editing is to the future of crypto art. “If an NFT is classified as” not art “on this page, it will be classified as” not art “for the rest of Wikipedia,” he writes. “Wikipedia is a global source of truth for many people around the world. Bet couldn’t have been higher!”

The study of Wikipedia’s entry on “List of the Most Expensive Works of Art by Living Artists” shows that the distinction is not about the art itself. how It was sold. Beeple’s title NFT every day: First 5,000 daysSold for $ 69 million at Christie’s last year, is on the list along with works by top-selling contemporary artists Jasper Johns, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons.

List of the most expensive artworks by living artists

As of January 16, 2022, the most expensive artwork by living artists on Wikipedia.

The most expensive NFT

NFT sales spikes haven’t happened in traditional auction houses, but on platforms like Nifty Gateway, Open Sea, and Axie, even sales with stunning price tags are limited to another page on Wikipedia. Will be done.The work of Murat Pak, the most expensive NFT ever mergeSold for $ 91.8 million at Nifty Gateway. However, according to a recent survey of auction results, most NFT art sold for less than $ 200.

price assets Artist platform
$ 91.8 million merge pack Nifty Gateway
$ 69.3 million Every day: First 5000 days Beeple Christie’s
$ 29 million Human one Beeple Christie’s
$ 11.8 million CryptoPunk # 7523 Larva Labs Sotheby’s
$ 7.7 million CryptoPunk # 3100 Larva Labs Larva Labs
$ 7.6 million CryptoPunk # 7804 Larva Labs Larva Labs
$ 6.6 million intersection Beeple Nifty Gateway
$ 6 million Coins for ferrymen XCopy Super rare
$ 6 million Ocean front Beeple Nifty Gateway
$ 5.6 million CryptoPunk # 5217 Larva Labs Larva Labs


“The Merge”, Pak’s NFT sold at Nifty Gateway for $ 91.8 million


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